Friday, December 31, 2010

Officially mine. YAY!

Amber mare is officially mine now. Today I pulled half her mane, and decided it was thin enough to cheat and...dun dun dun...cut it. But it looks good. I banged her tail and lightly trimmed the top of the dock and I am SO glad I did. The banged tail looks beautiful on her.

The short mane and banged tail make her took taller and it compliments her features. I also cut her a bridle path. I oiled, polished and shined her.

I bet she'll roll in the mud.

But that's okay. I love her anyway.

Andrea's picking us up tomorrow, and we will be going to our new home. I'm excited! I hope she settles in well and likes it.

Right now she is getting no grain, 24/7 free choice hay.

I see a little bit of a hay belly there, but I am not keen to change her diet until I see how she changes with regular work. I am very pro-forage!

Anyway, I think she looks fantastic. Save the mohawk. Gotta keep it banded. LOL.


  1. She is a cutie! I see that hay belly too :) I wouldn't worry too much about it esp if she will be getting regular work and will have an adjustment of a move. Congrats on it being official!!

  2. She looks great! The hay belly will ge better with work, I should think. And I'm for lots of forage too. It's so important to their digestive health.

    Here's hoping the move goes smoothly and Amber settles into her new home happily. You two have a wonderful future ahead of you!