Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not dead!

So my laptop charger is broke and I keep neglecting to get a new one/get it here I am on boyfriend's desktop. Not procrastinating.

Things are going well with Amber. I feel like my position is improving. Her stamina is much greater, and she goes into contact 90% of the time now. Not asking for it in canter yet because I feel she doesn't have the muscle for it, but we collect for a few strides at a time.

We cantered a crossrail recently, but I've decided not to jump outside lessons. I really need that expert critique from the ground because I'm most definitely still learning.

However, I do have some big news. Two big news in fact!

First, I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous dressage saddle. Yes.

Fits Amber perfect, and it's a very nice saddle. Came with 2 girths that I'm pretty sure will fit her nicely. Haven't ridden in it yet, but it looks super comfy.

So there's that, and she's going to her first show March 10.

It was kind of a hard decision. I decided to pick one shoe series to go to through the year, rather than several different ones. Reason being, besides the fact that she isn't ready to hit more than one show a month, I discovered that the shows at Equine Country (which is where I'd prefer to show over Johnston County), are mostly on the same dates as EDCTSA shows. I'm thinking I'll school dressage on my own time this year, work towards better jumping with Casey, and be more prepared next year to do those. And this year just poke around at Equine Country and actually have a chance for year end awards. Kind of bummed I won't be able to show in my new dressage saddle, but rush, next year we will be all the more prepared, and she will be more experienced at shows. EDCTSA is quite a bit more expensive to show in, so I'd rather do that and go in less "blind", and go in for our test run at a less expensive one.

The less I jump, the better I do. Although sometimes I feel like maybe I should just do dressage because I feel like I'm the world's worst jumper...but I just overthink approaching fences is all. I ride it like a dressage test instead of just keeping my shoulders back, hands forward and letting her carry me over the jump. I adjust everything too much.

That's most of the news. Amber is seeing a barefoot trimmer February 21st. It will be 7 weeks, and I'm hoping she can go that long. Trimmer told me if she starts stumbling, give her a call and we will do it sooner, but she's trying to get me on the same schedule as a nearby client so I will have less of a travel fee.

I'll try to post more updates in the future...sorry for going MIA again! ;)


  1. I did miss you, but I checked regularly to see if you had posted.

    Glad to hear things are going so well. The saddle looks lovely and the plan for show season sounds practical and kind of fun. Hope it all works out even better than planned.

  2. Thanks! :)

    I'm sooo excited about the saddle. I didn't ride today, it was sooo cold and rainy. And not tomorrow either, because I have a lesson with Casey so I'll be doing hunters. But it's so much nicer than I even expected, especially to be a no-name.

    Jean - I think it will be. It's her first year of showing, so I'm confident in my decision to keep it simple. It's a "test run" in a way. A more relaxed atmosphere will be the best, and the group classes are a lot less pressure for me personally than my tests.