Monday, June 3, 2013

New Barn = Paradise.

I'm really horrible about updating. I need to keep on it...

That million-dollar barn that we were supposed to move to in a few months? Still in the works, most likely taking longer to get running than originally planned. However, C has decided to keep the "temporary" barn. And I think she is wise to do so.

A lot of her boarders and students aren't going to be willing to drive that far, period. And I am at the point where I'm not willing to either. And, too, I love our new barn. I'm a bit sad that I'll miss out on the giant indoor they'll have, but I really, really like the property and barn we have now.

Things have been pretty great at the new barn. We've had a little drama lately regarding Casey's organization and cleanliness of the barn, but S and I should get it resolved. I hate to jump to conclusions on things, but basically, for the past couple of weeks, perhaps a little more, stalls aren't getting cleaned on Fridays, and possibly not finished entirely on Thursdays. And some boarders have noticed, one even cleaning their own stall 3+ times - that's bad!

I won't really go into our barn drama.

The barn is wonderful. Concrete aisles, hot/cold washpit, HUGE arena, and so many places to ride. The stalls are slightly smaller, but still big. The barn has two aisles, and it's basically shaped like an "H", the washpit being in the middle and bridging the two sides. Each side has ten stalls, 6 on the outside with windows. I need to get some pictures for you guys - I can't believe I haven't take many.

We have lovely white vinyl fencing around some huge pastures for most of the horses, and surprisingly, Karona, Mac, Mareeloo and Cindy are going out together in a smaller field beside the arena. The arena, is actually a reformed pasture. But Amber seems to like the grass footing better and she toe dragging is virtually non-existent now.

We were able to take virtually everything with us. Most of our jump standards were some that Casey had made. Most of the useable saddles were Casey's. I heard the new operator of Spring Bank, which is it now called again, doesn't even teach, likely due her charging $60/hr to train - LOL. Literally all the boarders except 3 pasture boarders left.

Things with me and Amber have been pretty great as well. We've kind of got that "black stallion" relationship going on, except she's a chestnut mare. She has never been happier though. We have so much room to run around, beautiful trails and paths. And there's an empty sub division across the road that is great to play around in, it's huge. We haven't done a lot of arena work, but somehow, it's perfect just about every time. She's even throwing in some dressage type stuff when I ask for it. We're jumping again...she's so good at setting herself up. It's like we have such a close bond, I feel connected to her.

I promise pictures soon. It's a little weird that this blog is so short and I haven't blogged in two months. Most of anything I have to say is about barn drama, which I won't go into. At least my relationship with my horse is amazing!


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