Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two Three.


I have once again failed to post regularly, but I have been working very hard in my lessons.

We are now jumping 2' normally with a few 2'3" jumps thrown in. It feels great and she has been doing great. She gets funny distances, but it's usually because I try to push her too fast down the line.

Today was a semi good ride. We started off bad jumping and she ran out of a few. She thinks the flower boxes are too tall or something and now she is bored with crossrails and jumps them retarded. But, we ended on a great note over a 2'3" and she got her lead!

I'm pretty proud of myself though, for being able to stay calm when she gets a bad distance or tries to run out. I admittedly get a little frustrated. I have a problem with wanting every jump to be "perfect" and that of course will rarely be the case, especially since we really just started a month or two ago!

So I think 2' and 2'3" will be our "normal" height, but Casey says we can occasionally jump higher and I'm excited about that. I actually like the bigger jumps better than the crossrails now.

We put her on the Cosequin ASU and I think that will really help her out, and she also gets half a dose of SmartMuscle Stamina. Half a dose because since we are doing such small stuff, and I only ride 3-4 days a week, plus she isn't a huge horse...well, she just needs a little extra to keep her going. Casey said she looked a little tired today, so I hope we see results in the next couple of months.

I'll try to get videos, but it seems like every time I have someone video I start to mess her up! So someone will just have to video when I don't know about it. I hope I don't get stage fright like that at a show!

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  1. I used to worry about the distances when I jumped. It was always better when I let the horse take me to the fence instead of my trying to control the approach too much. And...oh yes...it also helps if you remember to breathe!!

    Glad you are having a good time with your girl and that she is feeling so good herself.