Monday, April 18, 2011

Majorly late post.

I forgot that I never posted about my awesome ride on Friday. Lots of canterwork. Still a little rushy on the long sides, but still very responsive to my half halts and A+ on circles.

Better on the ground poles, but starting to trip over them when she gets a little tired towards the end.

Also pretty sure her mane will forever be getting cut, not pulled, and I will just end up HAVING to braid for shows. It's thin enough that I CAN braid it when its cut, but I couldn't do without braiding for shows because I have to hide the ugly blunt look. She was getting generally upset when I tried to pull her mane. Even worse than Gulliver was. I really am sympathetic to horses who don't want their manes pulled. They might not have nerve endings in their manes, but there is SOME feeling there, and they must feel the pressure, and I don't think I would enjoy someone rip-rip-ripping my hair out. So I sympathize. Besides, I can get a can of hair spray, some brown rubber bands and a braiding comb and get her mane done in a jiff. Or I could roach it...well, neh. I like her mohawk. it suits her.

She pretty much lets me do whatever with her. Curry her face (with the soft side of my gel curry, of course). Clip her. Put conditioner on her feet. She's pretty chill, but start pulling her mane...the eyes start to roll and the head goes up. Don't blame her, I'm not going to push it. I know a lot of people would disagree with me and say that she just needs to be reprimanded and made to stand still, or even drugged, but my horse, my rules. She can just have a goofy mane.

Look at that cutie pie. The mohawk suits her, come on, look at that cuteness and tell me it doesn't!

Anyway. She had Saturday and Sunday off. Saturday we had that storm system with the tornados of death...literally...22 I believe people died. I was in the county hardest hit at the time. Greene County, at my boyfriend's house. One tornado went through just a couple of miles from there. One tornado was responsible for MUCH of the damage. It went for miles and miles. It picked one house up off the foundation and threw it almost into the street. My heart breaks for those whose loved ones died and those who lost their homes...

Sunday Jessie and I went to the air show, lasted most of the day. And today I intended to ride but I overslept. I was kind of pooped out from the air show and I stayed up too late.

Tomorrow its back to work for me AND Amber. I miss jumping so much, I'm so ready to hit up some jumps again. And Halcyon actually has a whole COURSE. So I can do more than just one jump back and forth. Yes, Andrea's barn only had one jump...sad story.

She had some "jumps" that were like this weird picket fence type stuff, but if the horse didn't clear it, it could be pretty bad, so I refused to jump those even though they were only like, 15".

Anyway. That was Friday. Looking forward to having more fun tomorrow!


  1. Yes, she is cute in a Mohawk. *G*

    The Grooma Manemaster might help. It cuts the mane with a more natural look.

    Sounds as if you are having some great rides on your girl! Good going.

  2. where do you live? There is a Greene Co. in Ohio which is where my family lives. Thats storm was a monster, they said over 200 tornadoes touched down and I think 90 ppl died :(

  3. Yay! Sounds like you and Amber are doing great. I'm with you on pulling manes - I use thinning shears, and they work great. No pain.

  4. My Greene Co. is in NC. We didn't have close to 200 - but that is terrible, I'm so sorry!