Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No, we haven't died!

Agh. I've been absent because I didn't even make it out to the barn during her healing time. I've been having sooo many problems at work. My co-workers refuse to get along with me. Always an attitude. Always. It's very frustrating to try to work with them...

I went out Saturday to ride. Amber was so freaking spooky and uncooperative I just put her away. She was dancing, trying to run off, not listening...I wasn't in the mood to work with her, and I thought it best not to try when I was feeling frustrated. I felt like she had worked up anxiety over her mouth. I had no idea the extent things had gotten to. Emma offered to help us out the next day I had free time.

Which ended up being today before work, since it stormed like mad yesterday and I had some sort of stomach virus. Yuck.

Amber has definitely forgotten a few things. We lunged her for 15-20 minutes. She is HATING going to the left, which is really weird. That's usually her good side. But she was moving okay, not lame at all. At one point she started to canter, and I didn't make any sort of motion to do anything, I was just going to bring her down quietly, and she thought I was going to absolutely kill her. She went backwards, and I just followed after trying to calm her down. When she realized that I wasn't going to beat her to a pulp for making a little mistake, she actually stretched down and acted quite nice on the lunge. I rode walk/trot for 15-20 minutes after that, and we had a GREAT ride. No rushing, better movement than I expected after her time off. No complaints from me. She got lots of praise. We also walked by the "scary" side of the arena a couple of times. What a brave horse I have. *Snort*

More lunging in her future. More work on being supple and giving to my leg. Emma said she thinks we should be able to show this year, at the very least a couple of intro tests. I think she will be able to do better, personally. She learns fast. She tries hard to please.

I think everything will start going better now. Maybe I've let my frustration at work sink into my riding a little...I know better than to let that happen. But today was a good day, for sure - at least, with Amber. At work? Oh man, not so much. I don't even feel like going there...


  1. No fun when your job gives you problems. Hope you can work something out.

    Often, when I had a bad day at work, my horses were the perfect therapy. Just tell Amber your troubles, and I have a feeling her reaction will surprise you. Much better than trying to hide your emotions from her. That could well upset her.

    Sounds as if she is feeling better, though. Good news indeed.