Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Change of plans, and vet on Friday.

So I called the vet that's in Wendell, and scheduled a "tentative" appointment.

Then I talked to Bob, and he said he thinks I should just let Amber's vet take a look before I spend time and money going an hour and a half away for chiro work that I may not need. That makes sense. If I get referred to a chiro, well, I would have spent the money on the lameness exam anyway before it got to that, so if chiro work is unnecessary in this instance, why go straight to it?

So I called the Wendell vet back and explained the situation, and he was very understanding. Then I called Dr. Ipock and made an appointment with them Friday at 9. They're going to make a farm call. I told them I would have whatever done that was needed to make her sound again, and if x-rays are needed, we will do that, but for now we would just see if that would be necessary. She agreed, so we're all set and I hope to God this is an "easy fix". I want her to be 100% healthy and happy first and foremost, but I miss riding and it's killing me to keep losing time on her training. There's so much potential and talent!

Anyway, I'll let you guys know how it goes. Cross your fingers.

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