Friday, August 26, 2011

The proof that I am correct.


Thanks Young Equestrian for posting that.

(This is going to be lengthy again, but nobody miss the ending - I have news from Avalon that's sad and hilarious at the same time!)

Hmm...a Grand Prix dressage horse. Chestnut Quarter Horse mare, started at 7 and was fat. That sounds super familiar. If she had a star, she'd probably be Amber's twin, actually, in physical appearance.

That proves that, while they might not move like Warmbloods, there is no doubt they CAN reach high levels in dressage and be very successful if you have the motivation. That's just it: The motivation. Why don't we see a lot of Quarter Horses in upper level dressage? Because most people who have the time and money to show at that level will just go out and get the "classic" breed for it - a Warmblood. Can't blame them, really, if they have the money. But people just don't go out and try with Quarter Horses, but that doesn't mean it's not very possible.

I realize also that when Amber "got" the idea of contact, she immediately went in a "dressage" frame. I really hate using the word frame, but in this case, it's what' I'm referring to. I gave her plenty of room, and she wasn't avoiding me by tucking up. She has a naturally higher set neck anyway, and she just immediately a dressage horse. I do ride like a dressage rider, but I don't believe that was everything to do with it - I think she naturally carries herself like that when she gets on the bit, not like a freaking hunter. She COULD get lower, I'm sure, but I think that would cause too much strain on her back muscles and spine stretching down like that when her neck is obviously set high.

Now, I divagate to another subject:

I have done something I feel most horrible about. First of all, I hate to lie to anyone. I had to lie to Andrea to leave her barn, and I didn't feel one bit bad about that, only because she was pretty much psychotic. I also have some news on her in a moment, that I have failed to post in my long, ridiculous blogs where I attempted to justify my decisions with my horse...

I have had to lie to be able to leave Halcyon ASAP. My excuse was that my hours at work were cut and I need to move back to Casey's so I can work off board. This way I could also avoid the $300 fee of leaving before a year. I would have had to lie anyway though. I really don't want to hurt Lisa's feelings, and nothing I say is going to convince her to fire Bob, because I'm pretty positive she's had more than one complaint, and she highly respects his opinions. I also don't want to hear more absurd, unsolicited advice from Bob, and I know he would either talk crap to me, and tell me how horrid I will fail, or try to convince me to stay. I don't want to leave on a bad note, and if I am honest and say I'm leaving because I think Bob is full of crap and has a rude personality...well, I'd be leaving on a rather bad note!

I feel horrible for lying to Lisa, because she's such a nice lady. But at the same time, its the only trying I can do to insure that I make the right choice for Amber, without hurting any feelings in the process. It would be unnecessary to do that, when my opinion amounts to a hill of beans anyway.

Now, the news on Andrea I have NOT posted yet.

I like to creep on her various facebook pages for entertainment, and sheer relief I'm not a part of THAT circus anymore.

First, remember that poor OTTB of hers that she insisted was a Grand Prix dressage horse, who in reality hadn't received proper training and was skinny and out of shape? The things she thought were his "experience" were only misinterpretation of some training issues.

Right. She changed his facebook fan page to "An Olympic Journey". Yes. Indeed. Apparently, she seriously wants to train her circus for the Olympics...I'm not sure if it's the riders or the horses, or both, but she can train neither!

Next, her hurricane evacuation plan is to ride the horses to safety. REALLY? The majority aren't rideable, and are definitely not well-trained enough for her kids to be riding in the dangers after a hurricane. Not to mention they are not conditioned to be ridden as far as she'd likely need to ride.

She claims that Pumpkin didn't run off with a rider at a show before, but in fact she DID run off with Bob's step daughter. She also claims Pumpkin is a training level dressage horse. Pumpkin has dressage potential, but Pumpkin is HEAVY in your hands last time I rode her, does not get on the bit, and I know she hasn't been trained further since I last rode her, thus, she is not training level. The end. Unless Andrea has decided to use her beloved Kimberwicke on her to force her to tuck up. Yeah...I'm not necessarily bashing the use of Kimerwickes, but they aren't the solution to a horse that runs through the bit and doesn't soften! That's training. Bit does not = training!

Also, this nut is trying to run for mayor. LAWL! She's full of conspiracy theories. She acts like that weird kid in middle school who was always trying to get attention.

I must shake my head. I will still never forget that picture of her in the blue nylon halter-bridle combo, riding amidst a sea of traditionally dressed hunters. Proof that that show is corrupt beyond belief: She is apparently in first place for the season. Riding the poorly groomed, blue-bridle wearing Haflinger gelding that is forced to tuck himself up to avoid her insensitive hands on that Kimberwicke. Why is a horse who is about a notch above rolkur winning a hunter class? I hate most of the local NC circuits. The dressage ones are the only ones that are decent, the majority of the hunter ones are pathetic.


  1. I take it no one from your barn knows you blog?

    Again wishing you well with the move. If you and Amber will be happier, it's a great idea.

    As for the never know what goes on with the judging. The hunters got very political here when I moved to dressage. I haven't followed that circuit much in years, so I have no idea what goes on now.

  2. Funny, earlier you were all for taking Bobs advice, Glad you saw the light and dropped his ass, lol. His stuff is complete bull.