Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I liiiieeeed.

Yeah. I definitely jumped a little xrail today...a few times. She seemed pleased but bored with it. I discovered what's killing me over xrails, and why they've become so mysteriously hard for me all of a sudden. I'm bracing on my hands and looking at the jump. I look at the jump trying to insure I'm pointing Amber at the center.

So I focused on throwing my hands forward and not getting to forward and we had some nice little jumps. Much improved.

She was really getting on the bit today. She really started to hang on me when she got tired but she is always like that when she's tired. When she gets tired she's like "Blahh, I don't care!" and she starts to play and be silly and not pay attention. So I worked her longer than I intended because I made the mistake of working her until she was to that point and then couldn't find a good note to end on. We had a good walk-canter transition and a good jump before we ended though!

I actually changed her bit. Pulled out an old bit that I had from when I thought I was going to use it for Jack in the hunters. It's just a hunter D, single joint. I actually think she prefers single joint bits. She's got a really fat tongue and I think the french link was putting too much pressure on it so that any pressure I had on her, even just 1/2 pound in my hands, was irritating.

So I think I'll stick with the change. Definitely have to watch myself so I don't work her until she starts being silly anymore. :p

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  1. Some horses do seem to set a "time limit" on serious riding. You'll just have to figure out what is best for Amber and you.