Monday, November 14, 2011

The Status Quo

We're still pretty much were we have been the past few rides. Kind of plateauing and I'm trying to put together my next move so that we can move forward.

Thinking of adding some very light lunging in side reins to warm her up.

I've decided not to work on our jumping until she's seen a vet and/or chiropractor and whatever is going on in her back is accessed. Her back soreness is getting better, but the hip area remains the same and I'm not sure if it's joints or a misalignment. If it's joints, I will have to find a way to get her on Cosequin. Not exactly feasible in her turnout situation. Still having no luck getting a chiropractor out.

She's by all means sound for moderate flat work. The ear laying is gone, except in transitions (which are prompt and eager, so I don't get it). So I think I'll just keep doing this, trying to improve her consistency and quality in her gaits and her contact. Add in more lateral work. Going to try to work her 3 days a week over the winter, and I think when I get my tax return in spring, I'll just see if I can bum a ride to a chiro. I've thought about using that to take her to another vet for a second opinion. Something isn't 100% still. I think it would be worse if she WASN'T being ridden, because her back soreness is improved since she has been coming back into shape. But I think there's a limit right now and I feel like I need to be cautious about the "how" in keeping her in shape.

So. That's the plan. Since it's becoming seemingly impossible to get a chiropractor to make a farm call as far as our barn is from the nearest ones...or nearest reputable ones...we'll just keep things simple and light for the winter and go it alone in the spring.

Gotta love the Princess Mare.

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  1. What a sweet looking girl.

    As to the ears...sometimes it becomes habit as the horse anticipates pain she USED to have. Give her some time and it will probably go away.