Monday, December 19, 2011

Little update!

Been super busy and haven't had time to update. Amber's been doing nice. I've even lunged her a couple of times and she was pretty darn well behaved, although she's a little rusty with voice commands (but she hasn't been lunged in a few months).

I've jumped some tiny stuff and she was awesome every time, although Sunday she was jumping off center a little. Still, it's been good. There's been a few grumpy/rushy spots, and she's been a bit of a brat in the field, not wanting to be caught. The last time she did it I got in her face for it after I finally caught her and then gave her some grain. Yeah, mixed signals probably but I haven't had a problem since. I even turned her out right after a ride, went out and caught her and rode again.

I think she's just adjusting to the lessened turn out. But despite being a grouch, she's sounder and working better than ever, so whatever. She isn't THAT hard to catch. I've been working her a little more collected this week and she's been pretty good. She wasn't feeling it as long on Sunday, but she's been ridden Sat and Fri, so she was probably just tired. She got a little rushy one time, I think it was because she got the wrong lead and I had to haul her in because she refused to listen to my seat and half halt. Although she IS listening to half-halts better, but you have to ride her just right to get the best out of her.

Some little things here and there but otherwise it's been good. I think I'm going to space out my riding days more because honestly I think bunching them together is what's got her in such an unusually grouchy mood. I thought she might like it better because she could work 3 days in a row, be lazy for 2 or 3, but I think she prefers little periods of rest in between.

And hopefully when the kinesiologist comes, she will be even better.

Kind of thinking about sending her to Patrica's next summer, depending on how she's doing. If I can get on at Caswell I will probably just send her to Windrift for a couple of months since Patricia trains there, and I definitely want them to work on her jumping over bigger things (so that my horse might be more confident than I when I get to that point!), and even if it's small stuff, and I only want her jumping in soft footing, and Patrica's house only has grass. Plus, I'm sure there are more options for courses there, and she needs experience there, although she's pretty darn good with her leads I've noticed.

I know I want to finish myself a few things before I have Patricia do training with her, are simple changes, leg yields, and collection. She is really good on leg yields. Like, she's crossing over to the point where it's almost a sidepass. It's pretty wicked. I don't really want her to do that right now, because I don't want her to think she's supposed to stop forward motion when I put my leg on her to move her over. Simple changes will be nothing, but I've bee trying for flying changes just for the heck of it and not following through so I need to work on the simple changes. Her collection is coming together, and I think her ability will be better after she gets adjusted...

But it's been pretty good. I took her a sweet potato pie from work today, and alas she spit it out. I thought she would like it...guess not.


  1. I will cross sweet potato pie off the horse treat list. *G*

    Sounds like some good stuff happening there. Glad to know Amber is doing so well as you figure out what the best training schedule is for her. Well done.

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