Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still beasting!

Amber is still doing sooo well.

I lunged her for about 10 mins before I rode and she was really good, except a couple of moments where she decided she would attempt to defy me and not go in her least favored direction. Her "least favored" direction is so weird...because it's her BETTER direction when I'm riding. And she looks "off" in it on the lunge sometimes but it's mostly because she keeps hitting weird spots in the footing because she's leaning like a motorcycle...

Anyway, whatever, we had an awesome ride. Some nice jumps, including cantering over twice. Pretty good, except I didn't release as much as I should have and I looked down. Oopsie. But it 'twas fun. Tomorrow will just be a flatwork day for her.

She had some really beautiful moments and after she warmed up she was on the bit pretty consistent. She's got the beginnings of it in canter, and if she canters away from a jump she will really get under herself and stretch down. It was pretty warm today so she got a bath, and then warmed up in her new purple cooler while I hand grazed her. She got some conditioner on her feet too. And lots of cookies. And then she had some dinner in a stall that was filled with clean shavings. The "barn dwellers" actually did alright for once. They stripped most of the stalls, because they were disgusting. Heard they had more screw ups last night, and I think maybe they were trying to step up their game today? I don't know.

But they're on the brink of being fired. Just because of some things that I won't mention here because it involves someone else and I don't know if they want me to say anything up here publicly, but yeah...

Victoria and I came to a really good point on the phone last night though. We were kind of questioning why Casey hired them in the first place - no horse experience, homeless, jobless, flags everywhere. And my conclusion, I think Victoria was in agreement too, is that she felt sorry for them, mainly because of the baby. But the problem now is, they're lazy and they think they're "safe" because they've had so many warnings and chances. They think they can do what they want when nobody's looking. And they think that when they get caught screwing up that it will just result in Casey sitting them down again and giving them another chance.

I feel like the best person to have the job would be someone who has horses of their own, even better who wants to move their horses to ***, who knows what they're doing with horses and would know what to do in most emergency situations. Who would actually give a flying flip about the horses, enough to want to provide the best care possible for them, and not just so they won't have to hear from pissed off owners.

So anyway, she gets her feet done Monday, and she needs it bad. That supplement she's on made them grow big time. Chiropractor is supposed to come sometime next week, still don't know exactly when, but I'm really excited and nervous at the same time to see what happens with that. I'm excited because I'm sure whatever he fixes will really make a difference in her, but nervous because I feel like he's going to say something is wrong with her. Blahh.

But it's been a great day today, at there's no use in worrying about next week!

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