Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ambermare goes to the vet.

I got out at around 10. We loaded up and got ready to rock and roll.

She was not so great about loading. I don't know what her problem is lately with loading. Looks like we will need work on that. I'm thinking wheat thins again. Food seems to make her listen up more than anything, so maybe if getting in the trailer might mean food in her mind, she will be like "YAY! Let's go!"

She wasn't that bad though. She didn't really sit back or rear or anything, just planted her feet. Bob had a "talk" with her a couple of times. She wasn't scared, because her expression and body language wasn't nervous, she was just being stubborn. The horse that was also coming along did rear up but ended up getting on a little quicker.

Anyway, they were no trouble once they actually got on. We got to the vet and Amber behaved like a perfect angel from the moment she stepped off the trailer! I was so proud of her. She stood totally still for all her shots, blood being taken for her coggins, and for the vet to look at her teeth. The vet watched her move and said she's moving fine, so there's really no lameness issue to speak of. I'm back to thinking the angle of the hind feet needs to change and the teeth.

She got the wolf teeth out, and the vet showed me a sore that she had from the pinching. No wonder she was pissed off about work lately!

Pulling the last wolf tooth.

The vet was just as wonderful as I've been hearing of her. She let me see and feel the difference in the teeth before and after the floating, kept me in on everything that was going on.

We should be back to work in less than a week. 5-6 days no bit in her mouth is what the vet said.

I was so proud of how good she was for the vet, and so glad we can finally get back on track!


  1. Good news and a good girl!! Hope she feels better with those nasty teeth taken care of.

  2. I hope so too. I was so proud of her. I was hoping she'd make mom proud and not give the vet a hard time.

  3. Wolf teeth as such a pain. I don't think they do anything good for the horse. What was mother nature thinking??