Friday, June 10, 2011

Fat mare is fat.

Amber looks like a stuffed pig. Even being back in work she definitely needs her grain cut back.

Very out of shape...some very light work today and she was super sweaty, super huffy puffy.

She's definitely not 100% happy about the fork. Very now and then she likes to threaten a temper tantrum. I feel that the fork we're using may be putting a little too much leverage though. It's very small, and it's adjusted as far as it will go.

She can definitely still fling her head up if she wants to, but I think maybe the particular fork we are using might be a little much. I'm looking at some slightly longer ones right now that I might buy. They aren't exactly expensive, so it's worth a shot.

I just feel like my hands are a little awkward. I'm not ever sure how much to give and take. I feel like she gets a little irritated when I feel like I have good contact, but she gets sloppy and starts to dive off the rail or runs out through her shoulder with too little. Probably her way of tricking me into giving her enough that she can avoid the fork AND my contact.

But I think I'd have more control and still have the same results if the leverage was higher up. We will see.

I'm impressed with her attitude though after being off so long. She's just so out of shape she doesn't have the stamina to do much right now, and it's hot as blazes.

Right now I'm just going on when she starts to feel genuinely out of energy for when to call it quits. She's overweight and out of shape. No muscle at all now. I definitely don't want to push her too hard.

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  1. Cooled off here, hope it does for you and Amber too. The trick with something like that fork is to figure out how to use is so there is not too much restriction and yet enough to help you out getting your horse to work correctly. Keep experimenting as you are. I am sure you will discover just the right combination.