Saturday, June 25, 2011

The lovely lady in purple!

Didn't ride today. I'm not riding on work days now, as it's so hot in the middle of the day, and I get off so late I feel super tired when I get up before it gets super hot.

But I did run out to try on her new clothes!

I ordered her a 75, since the 72 I borrowed for her while at Avalon was too small. It fits a wee bit too big, but I'd rather it be that than too tight. It's not like it's so baggy that it's in danger of getting tangled up on her.

I also was reminded of how patient and calm she is about blanketing. I've met quite a few horses who are either scared of the blanket and freak out, or don't want to stand still while you fumble with straps and latches. Not Amber. She took herself a nap while I adjusted and readjusted and looked the sheet over. The sheet and the blanket are the same size and brand, so I only tried out the sheet. I'll probably use the sheet for 40-50 weather, and the blanket for 40 and below. Both for under 20. And the sheet I can use to keep her clean for shows.

I'm hoping the blanket stays intact over the winter...probably will let her winter coat grow out in full so she can be naked during the day and just wear her blanket in her stall. I want her skin and coat to have breathing time anyway.

As you can see, she isn't bothered by blankets and sheets in the least...I'm almost positive in this picture she was thinking... "I'm not sure why mom thinks I need a blanket in 95 degree weather, but I sure look pretty...maybe she'll give me yummy snacks for this..."

Also, check out the beeeauuuutiful halter and lead. I got new fleece for the leather halter, which I've got put up now as just her shipping halter. Added cheek pieces too. The old fleece I put on this every day halter. Loving it! Also, you can't really see up close, but her feet are looking great. Her hind hooves are getting toe back great, and she's dragging less. Bob does wonderful trims. The correct angles are starting to make a difference. I put some of her new hoof oil on, which she thoroughly enjoyed having pretty, clean, moisturized feet.

Spoiled? Amber? No way...


  1. Well, she doesn't "need" the fleece. I just like to have it on there because it makes it all soft and comfy for her and prevents major hair rubbage. On her shipping halter...if something happened...God forbid it...I feel like it would help prevent the halter from hurting her face badly, and also might make it slip off easier. Of course, if it didn't, it's leather, and it's going to break. :) As they say, rather a broken halter than a broken horse.

    But mostly it's just me spoiling her. Plus I think it looks cute.

  2. She looks great! But, I agree with Amber...what's Mom thinking putting on a sheet in 95 degree weather? The "fashion diva" strikes again. *G*