Friday, July 8, 2011

Didn't see THAT coming.

Sooo. I had a crazy work week. Plus tons of general stress.

I didn't ride for almost a week. I felt horrible. I'm supposed to be getting her back into shape here!

So I got on Thursday. Not expecting the awesome response I got from her! She was really starting to learn to give and stretch down. Lots more in trot. Still toe dragging on one side, BUT that's just one side, compared to both a couple of months ago. She just needs to get her muscle balanced. She's definitely off balance tracking right. That's the only side she gets rushy and leany on.

We did some poles. I found out why she "jumps" the poles at the canter. She's switching leads over them when I do a figure 8, although I didn't ask for it. So she really DOES do automatic changes. Fan-freakin-tastic! When I realized what she was doing I just squealed and hugged her and let her be done.

Riding tomorrow morning. Should be pretty good. Things are really starting to click!

After my ride, which was done by 11, I went to the beach with Jessie and the dogs. Had a blast! It was great weather, not too hot, plenty of breeze.

Allie did NOT want anything to do with the water. I got her in it, but she kept trying to pull us out. She's such a good dog, she hung her head and drooped her ears and walked in when I called her, but it was just a little too much for her I think. She used to like water, I have no idea what changed. Thinking of taking her to a dog-friendly pond to swim and maybe if she sees Matilda and me swimming, she'll get a little more brave.

Matilda, on the other hand, was a little scared at first, and then, after a few minutes, she was like "'s water, I can swim in it! It's kind of noisy, but WEEE!" She would run into the water and swim a moment when the water pulled out and flattened, then she'd run away from the waves. So cute. I didn't want to let her go too far though, because it was pretty strong current and I definitely didn't want she and I getting caught in a rip-tide. She was leashed, so if she got caught, the weight of her being pulled would take me too - and it's not like I'd let go of my sweet girl!

Ended up having pizza for dinner on the way home. Just a great day. I was thinking, could it get any better? A great ride, the beach, my dogs, and pizza.

Hoping to report another great ride tomorrow!


  1. Flying changes, a great ride, the beach, your dogs and a pizza.....that is heaven. Glad you had such a good day. May many more be on the way!

  2. Oh yeah!

    I'm dying to start jumping again. Uhhg! Even jumping poles is wicked fun at this point. I plan on sitting down soon and making a real "timeline" and plan for her training now that I'm sure she's back 100%. By timeline, just an order of the way things need to go. What buttons need to be installed before we go back to jumping, what buttons need to be installed before we hit the dressage arena again, ect.