Saturday, July 23, 2011

So. The plan...I think.

I'm not going back out until Monday. There really is nothing I can do for Amber right now that would be better than just time for her to rest her body, whatever is the issue with it.

I've got a hunch now that it's a vertebrae/hip issue. That could cause nerves to send pains down the leg, thus, making her want to kick up back there. And, for a while, apparently fooling us into thinking it was the leg. But with no heat, swelling, or sensitivity in the leg from our look overs...well, it adds to my hunch.

I'm sure the shoes will help her stress with the toe length. So I will tentatively see if she can handle trot work after she gets those, and just check in for now to see if she's doing better on it, but not actually work her too hard.

I honestly think maybe working correctly, thus hard work on her back muscles, is what's actually doing her harm. It always seems like after I have a great ride/lesson, where we are making breakthroughs and she's working so nice and round...she goes "Oh man, I HURT!"

After the shoes, I'll see where my $$s are and give the chiro Katie recommended a call and see if he can travel to us and do some work on Amber. If that seems to do her good, and if the chiro recommends, we may schedule some more sessions until we get her back on track.

I mean, she's been off and on "lame", even though not always dead-hopping lame, in fact most of the time not, since I've known her. The vet saw nothing wrong in the PPE. I felt confident it was just one of those mystery lamenesses.

And then it all just started to go nuts. And of course, when she was a little weird back when she got her shots, the vet looked and saw nothing. So at this point, having the vet involved...while it may sound moronic on my not part of the plan. I'm definitely not rich, there is a limit on the budget, and I have to decide where I think the money would best be spent. I think it's the chiro. The chiro, actually, is a vet too, so that's where we are going to take this. I just can't blow thousands on repeat vet visits on a wild goose chase. It's more than likely going to turn out that way if I do, let's face it, and I'm fairly sure, will end up with a chiro anyway.

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  1. Excellent choice and I am with you all the way on this one. I too have to suspect some kind of back/;hip issue.

    Hope you can find the funds to treat her.