Friday, July 29, 2011

Excellent news!

Emma and I looked at Amber again today. Now she's crow hopping in the canter. She was just a mess. I really don't think she's faking it, but it's a mystery how the saddle makes it so much worse. It doesn't make sense. And then she's almost sound without it? But she looks fine out in the pasture?

Also, we checked saddle fit. It IS a little small actually, we determined, but we still don't think that's causing her problems in one specific leg. But still I'm ordering her a new gullet. Looks like she'll be going up to a medium wide. We tried a wide on her, and it's a little low, might be okay with a half-pad, but I don't want to HAVE to need a half pad. Then again, I always use one anyway...on the other hand, if we ever get back to work, she's going to get lean. I'm just going to get over the lameness before I order her a new gullet.

Anyway, Emma told me about a credit card that's for vet bills. I looked it up, and if I can get a decent interest rate, I believe I'm going to apply for one and use that to take Amber to Neuse River Equine, where the chiro vet is.

I think I'll be trailering her in to avoid a farm call. Lisa offered to let me borrow the barn's trailer anytime I need it. Time to work on Amber's loading again, no? After the last two irritating, tiresome times. I think treats will do it. That's terrible training, but seriously...if she gets treats one time on that trailer, she'll just associate it with the trailer as a positive thing. She won't even beg until we get home likely. I'm pretty sure that's how it'll go.

Oh, adding this, I also mentioned to Lisa about cutting her grain down even more. Amber needs to shed a few pounds bad. I think, at least while she's out of work, that a 1/8th scoop (yes, 1/8!) will be what she needs. Basically, that's just a sprinkle to doctor her feelings she she won't stress herself because everyone else gets food and she doesn't. Lisa talked me into waiting a couple of weeks, to see how the smaller/less lush pasture she's in affects the weight...and I agreed to this, although I still insisted on a small cut.

Ultimately, I think the smaller pasture and 1/4 scoop will be almost ideal for her - when she goes back to work - but right now, she's not doing anything to burn calories.

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  1. It will be great if you can manage to get Amber checked out properly. I have a feeling chiropractic is exactly what she needs.

    And good luck with the saddle change. It might make a big difference.