Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Continued Improvement!

So I have finally slowed down long enough to post a blog.

I rode Sunday a little after lunch. She was really good. She tried to pull the arch back and pin ears move, but she settled down. Refused to walk to the arena without a fight yet again. Whatever, she gets her hiney smacked, and still has to go work lightly for *gasp* an abusive 20-30 minutes.

She can be so dramatic about things...

It took her a few minutes to warm up, but she was really, really good. Still rushy in places but she actually tried to stretch down in several places.

Monday, I was going to let her have a day off from arena work, and the intention was to go on a trail ride with Victoria and Shannon, but Victoria ended up working 2 horses so we didn't have time.

Plus, Victoria said Fancy, Shannon's horse, had a meltdown in the corner where I heard the growling, so now I guess a sort of taboo is placed on that area for a while. Good to know I'm not crazy and I DID hear something, and my horse definitely hear/smelled something that just wasn't right.

Amber seems to be getting some motivation for arena work back. She isn't toe dragging under saddle.

She actually walked out to the arena without planting her feet, but she refused to walk in the gate. We were going in a very narrow gate, and I'm pretty sure she just thought she couldn't fit. She BARELY fit, in fact.

I was planning on just walking, but she felt so good I decided to just do some light work for a few minutes. SO glad we did, it was the BEST ride since she's been back in work to date. She was defintiely trying to stretch down, trotting was absolutely balance and consistent. Canter was lovely as were all transitions, walk-trot and trot-canter. Down transitions on canter-trot were a little weird in one place, but the rest were nice. I let her be done early on. It was a little warm but I can tell her stamina is increasing because her breathing was easier and she only sweated under her saddle. She was drenched in the same temps after 20 minutes of work just a few weeks ago.

Also figured out that the ear pinning only happens when I unintentionally start riding in my dressage seat. I think I've pin-pointed the main area on her back that's an issue, and it seems to be a non-issue until I sit a little too far back in my saddle when I'm posting. Posting from my crotch still feels totally weird, but it changes her trot 100%.

After I rode I gave her a massive spa treatment. She loved her bath. She's so stinkin' cute. She was nuzzling me and trying to "groom" me back. I conditioned her feet, mane and tail, shaped up her mane, and rubbed her back and legs in liniment.

By the way, if you read this post Victoria - you NEED to start a blog for Dillon!

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  1. Glad to hear a shift in your riding position is making a difference. Amber really does seem to want to please you as well, so your partnership is starting to firm up. You are going to be a great team!