Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Grand Prix Trail Horse.

I had the best ride on Amber today. We rode around the back pasture. I trotted and cantered in the more wide spaces, and she was happy and moving out. She only hesitated once or twice the first part of the ride because the wind was up and the trees were being scary. We even got surprised by a flock of birds in the grass while she was trotting, and she just jumped in surprise (I think I jumped a little harder), and kept plodding along. Ears were perked up the whole time. I rode her a little later bareback in the arena. Just about 5 minutes. Walk/trot/canter. She was well behaved, especially considering she was in a halter. I'm wondering if this is coming from the mouth. I thought about that after I had put her out. I'm going to check her mouth tomorrow.

I rode her back to the pasture and again she tried to take me around the pasture.

I have to appreciate her aptitude for trails. If she never masters a dressage test, I know people who could never take their horse out totally alone on a windy, chilly day around a field. That's something to be proud of. Even if she isn't entirely interested in doing something I ask, like riding in the arena, she usually does it without too much fuss, even if not perfect, if I don't act like an idiot about it.

She's just a good, level-headed, trustworthy horse. Sometimes she needs her rider to give her confidence when she is alone, so I wouldn't necessarily call her a perfect beginner's horse, but in a group I'd trust her to pack a beginner around.

Thought I'd share that ear shot with you guys. Pretty purple flowers on the trail. Had to stop and get a picture.

Also, I was waiting for it to cool off enough so I could reblanket her for the evening, and I braided her tail. Not such a great braid, but a pretty braid nonetheless.

Victoria is going on another trail ride with me tomorrow before I head to work. Definitely excited to have some company. Trail riding alone is nice enough, but it's more fun to do it with friends.


  1. What good girl.
    Trail riding is definitely more fun with a friend - even though it is nice when it's just you and your horse.

  2. She really is an absolutely golden horse. :) Sometimes a solo trail ride can be nice down time, I agree!