Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Productive day.

I got out around noon for Amber's farrier appointment. First off, I am DEFINITELY sticking with the Stallings. Her trim is fantastic, and apparently she also won the best behaved horse of the day award. Her ground manners always win us points. Every vet appointment, farrier visit...always well behaved. Proud mama.

It was rainy off and on, and call me a wimp but I hate riding in the rain. So I didn't ride.

I spent the day washing sheets and blankets and wraps, and inbetween cheater pulling manes for Casey and cleaning up some stuff in the barn.

I M-T-G'ed her tail today, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. I've heard so much about how fast it makes hair grow. Also need to put some on her forelock where it got nicked with the clippers when I let someone else do her bridle path. It's like, half shaved off still.

She also got a yummy dose of wormer. How tasty. She tried her "pretend to be still and then flip my head so the wormer goes flying", but I got her number the last time I wormed her when I caught Halcyon's people on a worming day. All wormer was ingested.

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