Monday, May 14, 2012

Another quick update!

Amber's trim went well. I was very impressed with the attention Cat paid to her and her concern, not for making it a quick job, but doing the best job for Amber's individual needs. She took the time to get to know Amber and to also take pictures of Amber's topline. Felt around, I showed her the pelvic misalignment we have right now, and we chatted about it for a bit before the trim took place.

The trim is fabulous and although Amber is still draggy draggy, I can tell she is more comfortable. From just a trim, that is saying something with all her current issues.

She was ouchy the day after the trim, but rock solid the next, so I'm pretty sure that ouchyness was due to her sitting back on the break away tie that did NOT break in the washpit, when a drop of water accidentally got in her ear and freaked her out. Scared the shit out of me, I thought she was going to flip herself and break her neck. Casey runs out saying "Don't scream at her"...I didn't even realize I was shouting, I just kept saying, apparently accidentally shouting, "easy" trying to calm her while not getting smashed in the process.

Anyway. The reason she was actually IN the washpit was due to the huge welts and hives all over her sides and belly. We battled this with dex and coldhosing for like, 5 days. She hasn't had anything new. I don't think it was bugs of any kind. The only thing I have that might do it is her fly spray, but she has had it for two weeks and she used it all last summer with no problem. Makes no sense. Gone now, but I'm going to do a "test patch" to see if it was the spray. Weird.

Tenatively her appointment to get her stifles injected and have the chiro work on her is May 22. We will see if Casey can make it. If not, I might see if I could beg a ride off someone else. I want this done ASAP.

I haven't told anyone about this next part yet, and Victoria is probably not going to be super happy when she hears it, but I have a new plan if Amber will be unsound to jump. I'll be moving her to Windrift Stables or Canamer Stables. If she is sound for trails, she would be sound enough to do baby dressage (Intro and maybe Training) I am sure. I love trail rides, but I am not content with it full time. Nothing brings me the satisfaction of doing good arena work with my horse. Her understand what I'm asking for, and what I am not asking for. And I really don't have the motivation to do it with any horse but her. To everyone else, she is just a too-short Quarter Horse who is too opinionated, more difficult to ride than I make it look, and not sound enough to ever really do squat in her life - which has barely begun at just 8 years old. To me, she is a gem that fell through the cracks and luckily ended up with someone who is committed to giving her a princess lifestyle. Though she is broken right now, she has the potential to be incredible, and if she can't be fixed, she certainly HAD the potential to be great. She is a fast learner, and a mental ride. You will do a lot more thinking with her than you will be using your body. Part of this has killed me - Gulliver and Jack were super physical rides, and after having Amber so long, I have recently realized how ineffectively I ride other horses now.

Anyway. If she can jump, without risk of problems later (or sooner) in life, we will do the hunter thing for a while. Ultimately, I feel I will end up doing dressage and combined training. But hunters isn't quite as intense and I think it would be a good way to start off easy. A NEW start at showing her.

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  1. Wishing you and Amber well on all fronts....oh, and on all hinds as well. *S* Sounds as if you have a good plan for the future, no matter what it brings.