Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quick update.

Don't have a lot of time to post much, so this will be quick one.

Amber's appointment is still pending...I called Apex and told them to have Dr. Wheeler call me a day or two ago, nothing yet but she's busy so I'm sure she will get to it. If I don't hear anything in a few more days, I'll call again...I'm anxious to get this done with and see what we have. I think I'm more nervous than anything about her response to the treatments, and what it means for our future.

Her white line is still separating, and I have the barefoot trimmer coming Monday because enough is enough. Our farriers are are nice as they can be, and they aren't "bad" farriers, but it's just not working for us. I need to do all I can to insure she is on the road to soundness, and a balanced trim is a huge part of that.

Kind of feel like everyone thinks I'm loopy for having a natural trimmer do her. She has an excellent reputation and her trims are beautiful from pictures, so I'm hoping when Amber develops some awesome feet it will change some minds. If not, I'm still happy because I'll have a horse with awesome, sound barefoot feet. But she's never had WLS before, and I know it's because of the flare that has been left. Casey said she doesn't see the flare...I don't think Casey knows entirely what flare really is, with all due respect to her. Flare probably brings to mind the pancake-like overgrown feet for her. It used to for me as well, until I became slightly more educated on healthy hoofs. I can't fault anyone for going with our previous farrier - the vet recommends them. But as I said - it's just not working out for Amber and I.

I did go on a trail ride with the "new girl" at the barn, Alissa. She's a fox hunter. Her horse is coming next week, and he seems completely awesome, I can't wait to meet him. We went down the road and around the back. Amber was a good girl! Even when a school bus nearly drove up her rear end, and some horses we passed decided to buck and fart. She even had to take the lead for Mickey (cute OTTB I rode that time that Alissa was on). But he was also very brave for the most part. I'm just excited to finally have a trail buddy.

My grades are still amazing. Average is 99.

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  1. The teacher in me says, "Congratulations on those grades!!"

    The horsewoman says,"Hope it all works out with Amber. She is your sweetheart."