Monday, May 21, 2012

Before, and After.

Tomorrow is the big vet appointment. Obviously tomorrow isn't the final news. We will have to see what the chiro work and stifles actually do, and I'm sure there will be follow up chiro appointments...

But tonight I decided to post some before and afters for some black and white comparison of what Amber was, and what she has become. Kind of inspired by a facebook status Andrea (at The Continental Drift blog) posted about unfancy things...just reminded me I had wanted to do this.

Before, December 2010.

After. Some of these are from Summer 2011, some are from this year.

(Ignore me here, I look foolish)

Her tail is even longer now. When it's in a relaxed position, it touches the ground. It's really a gorgeous tail...I'm proud to say it was accomplished by MTG, keeping it clean, conditioned and brushed, and good nutrition. She's not a million dollar warmblood, but she's something more than the $1,500 "mutt" I bought. ;) Or what I thought was a mutt until we found her papers. I'm still not sure I see the cutting/cow horse in her...or the racing QH. Which is what's in her ped. Like, 3/4 of them are ranch horses, cutting and cow horses, I think maybe a couple of reining horses, and maybe 1/4 racing QHs. Go figure.

I'll be sad if she can't jump anymore. She loves it. She drags you towards the jumps if you aren't paying attention.

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  1. Wow! Quite a change. Just goes so show what some good care with lots of love thrown in for good measure can do. Wishing you both well on all the vet reports. A little jumping would be fun for all.