Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vet Tuesday and Mystery Hives Solved!

So we are definitely going to the vet Tuesday. Dr. Wheeler said she was hoping for around noon, so hopefully we won't be too late getting back. Casey wanted to be back by around 3, and that might not be quite possible, but fortunately it won't be terribly late.

I was kind of getting the gist that she wasn't really feeling taking Amber up there this time. And it could have just been me misreading things, but last week the appointment couldn't be done because of the trailer we need to use being in the shop, and she was also busy with some other stuff. That wasn't her fault at all, but she then wanted me to use the hauler that trailers horses who need a ride to the clinic, then she wanted me to get the vet and chiro to go meet us at another barn that is maybe 30 minutes from us, and still an hour to an hour and a half from them...

Just kind of avoiding taking her up herself, or at least I felt it was that way. And I understand she is busy, and this is really something you have to donate an entire day to...but there was no issue helping us before. But really the only thing to do is go up there. The hauler wants to charge me $150 from the barn to the clinic and back. Apparently it was $80 from the barn in the other town...which, I don't know why I would bother with that, seeing as how I have to give Casey gas to take her to that barn anyway, plus the $80 for the shipper...only coming out slightly better. I pretty much knew that there was no way Amber could possibly have the appointment anywhere but the clinic. The chiropractor and the vet are not associated - and the chiro is in the clinic's area. So arranging to have them both travel an hour or more to see Amber the same day is really not fair to either of them, and I'd have to pay a farm call for both of them anyway - exactly what we were trying to avoid. But, Casey wanted me to ask, so I asked, and they were just kind of like "Ehhh, you really need to come back up here like we planned..."

So off we go. Hopefully for the last time for a while.

We did discover that it IS Amber's fly spray giving her a reaction. No hives yesterday when I got to the barn. Sprayed her, and an hour or so later, little hives again. I washed it off immediately. Hopefully it'll be clearing up soon. I wasn't really feeling giving her more dex. She got several high doses last week when it was so bad, and I'm just not comfortable with giving her more. She got 8ccs one day, and then 10ccs two days in a row. At least now we know why the dex wasn't working. Because I kept spraying her, not believing it could possibly be the fly spray. It was kind of a "duhh" thing. But having used it last year and two weeks this year already, it just didn't seem possible. Now I know.

She's ready for summer!

And so is her stall. Yes, I am "that owner" who decorates my horse's stall seasonally.

Since the barn's ATV is broken, I've also had to become creative with getting hay. I refuse to push the wheel barrow around in 90 degree heat. Call me lazy, but sweat, heat and hay do NOT mix.

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