Friday, March 18, 2011

First ride in the dressage arena!

I rode Amber around the farm today. Tried to ride back beside the field, but she was so spooky and tense and I could see she was not one of those horses who is okay out alone, so I said whatever and tried to hold her steady on the way back to the barn.

We briefly rode in the dressage arena. She was okay, a little rushy. But she was the same in the big arena. When she started to trot nice I let her canter both ways once around, and we actually got some decent response to the half halts. I was pleased. She's way more nervous these days, and I don't understand why...

I spoke with the farrier. He says we can try to correct the toe dragging barefoot, but he said no promises. I expected that. He didn't get a chance to measure the angles or anything though, so I'll get more knowledge when he actually gets to do her feet. He actually said the sand in the arenas would be more likely to rub off the toe than the regular hard ground like Andrea had.

Well, *** had sand. Her toes were fine back then. Which points out to me that this isn't "just her". We will get it straightened out. She just does not use that hind end though! It's frustrating and she doesn't even feel like she did when I first rode her.

But, I have good professional help. We will get this straightened out!

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  1. You'll be fine over time. It's all a matter of sorting things out and getting some quality riding in. Again, as Amber gets more fit, I'm pretty sure some of the issues will disappear.

    Seems to me you have a good handle on things and a lot of good people to help you out.