Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food = Success

Yes. Success with the wheat thins.

Amber saw my hand had something. She was very interested, and stayed put. I fed her one for allowing me to approach, and then I haltered her and gave her another for that. Nothing more to report, very uneventful. And she really doesn't need to be galloping around stressing those hind legs, so whatever it takes to avoid that I'm down with.

Our ride was fantastic! Minor rushing that was easily got back down, and NICE circles without any running out through her shoulder. She was in a pleasant mood the entire ride!

I gave her treats after the ride. She then napped while I conditioned her hooves.

My saddle isn't fitting well anymore. She's lost weight and muscle, which has narrowed her up some.

I hesitate to change the gullet, because it isn't causing her pain, it just sits me too forward. And she will gain muscle soon, get fat on the grass, and then a medium narrow won't fit. This gullet used to be almost TOO narrow when she was fit and fat. So that's why I've decided to hold off on that.

If finances work out Emma and I will have a lesson when Amber gets her wolf teeth out (and recovers). Emma is such a nice person and seems like a great instructor/trainer and I'm excited to work with her! She also has the cutest, grumpiest, most impatient little Welsh pony she's working with. He reminds me of Jack in soooo many ways. Studdy. Pushy. Impatient. But so talented. That was Jack. I miss him quite a bit...sometimes, because Amber learns so fast, I forget she's still quite green. Jack was pretty seasoned when I left. Or at least, our walk trot work, but I won't go into all that. I could write about our relationship for days.

I'm going out tomorrow I think. It's going to be 76, so I might be able to bathe her. She needs it. I think all the other boarders are planning on doing the same, so I might have to get in line!

Also, our bit and reins came. I'm hoping the more flexible web reins will help my hands be more efficient. And I'm hoping she likes the eggbutt french link too. That will be our dressage bit.


  1. Sounds as if things are looking up. The new barn must be good for the both of you.

    Haven't tried Wheat Thins yet. Hey, maybe if you write to Nabisco about your success they will deliver one of those pallets of crackers to your house as they do on the TV commercials!

    Have you seen them?

  2. Little more research...apparently, you need to mention Wheat Thins on either Facebook or Twitter....

    Why not contact them and see what happens. A commercial with Amber would be SO CUTE!!