Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to your new home, Amber.

So much good news! So much!

Got up early. Ran around like a nut trying to get everything together. Went to make copies of her coggins and registration, and my mother graciously saved me time by making phone calls.

Unfortunately, Ross Head gave their own shots and they do not keep records. Fortunately for us, Bob had no problem with it. We arrived and loaded my stuff into the trailer and then got Amber out to load. She knew she was going somewhere as soon as she walked out of her stall. I don't know how horses know these things, but she definitely knew. She was a little bit weirded out by the ramp at first, I don't think she's ever loaded on a trailer that had a ramp. She didn't back up, she just stood there, not wanting to move, like "Uhh, I'm not sure about this." In a minute or two she went right on like a good girl.

Amber, without my consent or knowledge, was turned out with Victoria's new horse Tommy, who is infested with worms. He should have been isolated until he was worm free. Amber was due for a wormer in 2 days in any case, so I just let Bob know that unbeknownst to me, she had been out with Tommy for at least a week. We checked her poop; and did find evidence of it, so we went ahead and gave her ivermectin. Again, crappy managment on Andrea's part.

Amber settled right in her new stall, started to munch on some hay and chill.

Now, the best news of all. Bob said he's fairly sure Amber's hind end issue is nothing more than her trim sitting her too upright. So I was right. Maybe it's not a hip issue, but it's NOT laziness. Best of all, she may not need the shoes. If anything, it will be a wedge shoe, rather than modified toe clips. Obviously we need to wait and see what the farrier there says, and she does need more growth having just been trimmed on the 16th. This is why I want to learn more about the hoof and proper trimming. Because I don't have the expert eye of a farrier and I don't know what I'm looking at.

But I feel worlds better knowing that at least I have a better idea of what is more than likely the problem here. And it feels wonderful having some REAL direction.

Bob also thinks that our bit may be too wide. I ordered a 1/2 inch up because it's a loose ring. I've always been taught you always go up a half inch with loose rings...but he said that he disagrees. Either way, it doesn't really matter for us since I believe the rings sliding irritate her. He gave me a copper roller D, which I was very glad to have since I can definitely use that for hunters. And she did like that bit when we tried it before, albeit a bit mouthy playing with the rollers.

He also recommended an oval lozenge over a french link. I will test her out in it before I buy...I'm partial to the french link because it lies flat on the tongue. Amber is a no-nonsense type of horse, and less is more for her, so I'm not sure she'd enjoy having a bigger center link. But it's worth a try.

I'm incredibly appreciative of Bob's suggestions and advice. He is definitely a very knowledgeable guy and I believe he will help us get back on track. I detest the feeling I had all through last month. Feeling lost and adrift because I had never dealt with anything like this.

All better now though. We'll be riding tomorrow with the trainer there, Emma. She said she's looking forward to having someone to ride with. Also, Victoria may be moving over with us too!


  1. Amber's new stall looks lovely!

    How nice to have such support and interest from Bob.

    If you do get an oval link, try to get an eggbutt cheekpiece. I'm pretty sure JP Korsteel makes that bit at a very reasonable price. I don't like loose rings because of both the pinching and the instability in the horse's mouth.

    Happy New Barn!! *S*

  2. Yay! What a good girl, getting right on a strange trailer. Her new stall looks very comfy - I'm sure she'll be a happy girl there.

  3. Yes, I was looking at that very bit Jean. Some horses really like the O-ring, like Gulliver, but some horses just like something steady to be there. I think that's Amber.

    :) We are very, very happy and I will sleep good tonight knowing I don't have to worry about her well being.