Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good mood, good food...YUCK, wormer!

My lovely mare met me at the gate yesterday. She was haltered without being offered a wheat thin first. :) Yes, she's coming around.

I groomed her. Clipped her bridle path. And then just as we were about to head out Bob showed up. It was time to worm her so we did that quickly before she was bridled. She made the most disapproving faces! Panacur. Yum. Not.

The ride was good. A little rushy in some places, not bad at all though and NICE circles. We are starting to get a little curiosity about lowering the head and getting on the bit as well.

Just a nice day all around for us. She got some conditioner on her feet, and the hock scrape is already almost gone.

Hoping for more nice days like that.

The only thing we need to work on is her attention. She likes to look outside the arena for horse eating monsters, and it gets her all inverted and on the forehand. She never spooks, she just looks. So I think I will start incorporating more random circles and changes of direction to make her have to think.

Silly mare.


  1. You need to keep a smart horse busy. Mixing up some exercises should work nicely.

  2. I can get her back with a half halt and nudge from my leg, but it's like, I don't want to keep nagging and make her dead to my signals. I want her to learn to focus on her own WITHOUT reminders. She's young, so I forgive her for being ADD for now.