Friday, January 14, 2011

Ah, the joys of owning a mare.

Amber was in heat today. Some of the mares who are visiting for the Special Olympics went into heat, and thus Amber has as well.

When I got there she was making rude faces over her stall door. Andrea said she'd been doing that all day, and also threatened to kick when she was being fed! Fortunately, Andrea gave her a pop on the butt for it and it seemed to set things straight.

When Amber saw that being nasty was getting her nowhere she straightened up. She was pretty good under saddle today. She got a little on the forehand, a little rushy, but I was able to get her back pretty quick. We did get some nice work and she was more on the bit. We had several wonderful trot-canter transitions...and a few not so great ones. Overall, despite her being in heat, she was very nice for me today. One tiny little crow hop that was really nothing at all was the only thing "bad" she really did.

One of the barn cats cut us off in mid trot though, and it's a good thing Amber has excellent brakes! That kitty was getting in the way a lot today.

I'm going to *try* to ride tomorrow afternoon. I work 5-8, filling in for someone, so maybe after lunch I can get out.

Number one things to work on for *me* are remembering to squeeze and release, and push her into the outside rein, and get my freaking HEELS down. Things to work on Amber with are using that rear end! Transitions, and accepting the bit. ;)


  1. Glad to hear she is not a really bad mare. Hopefully today's behavior will be about as far as she will go.

    I've had some barn kitties that thought playing with the horses when I rode was fun. One used to pounce out at us from under the jumps. My horse, in turn used to try to "get" them. It was all in good sport but sure could be unnerving at times.

  2. I used to ride in an indoor that had holes in the kickboard. The barn cats would get in there and run around, spooking the horses. The the owner's Jack Russell would get in there to chase the cats and the rodeo was on! I don't miss that!

    Rather than thinking about putting your heels down, try thinking about opening your hips. Your heels are probably coming up because you're gripping with your thigh. Opening your hips will get your thighs off, which will allow your heels to naturally come down and rest against Amber's side. I struggled with the "heels down" for years until someone pointed that out to me ;).

  3. Amber and I "chased" the barn cat away as well. Although really it just happened that the cat and us were running/trotting the same way, haha!

    That's a great suggestion, Shannon, I think I will do that. I'm about to head out now.