Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flying Change!

...of lead AND attitude!

Amber was just amazing today. She accepted the bit, acted like a perfect lady. less soft at the trot, but she'll get there. What *really* impressed me was the butter smooth, collected canter she gave me! And then, I had this impulse to take her across the center of the ring and see if she's change leads. She did. I pulled her up and gave her the biggest hug and then I started screaming like an idiot "ANDREA! COME HERE!" and cantered over to the barn side of the arena.

I was so excited. I didn't even ask for it, she did it BEFORE I asked.

I love Amber so much. She is just the most wonderful thing ever. I'm so proud of her...I can't stop telling everyone about her. Stranger or someone I know, I always find a way to brag about her.

Also, Andrea and I were chatting about the possibility of doing a mountain trail ride in the future. Take a bunch of students up and let the adult riders/advanced teens kind of chaperon the less experienced and younger riders. Split the cost and make it reasonably affordable for everyone to go. She would just have to find the trailers and trucks to borrow.

I would love to do that. Stay a couple of days and ride. God, that sounds wonderful to me right now.

Just in general, I am so happy with my life right now. I honestly think Amber is fueling 90% of this happiness. Every time I see her she just makes me smile.


  1. And it makes me smile to read about all your smiles!! What a great girl to give you that change. No more canter issues when you have a horse like that under you!

  2. And I am so glad to hear that! :)

    I think Amber will take me farther than anyone expects. Andrea seems to really see something in her, though, despite others at Goldsboro stating she will be unlikely to go past 1st or 2nd level.

    She just has a natural intuition for dressage it seems. Things I ask for that I know she doesn't know, she just figures out so fast and when she does it, it's either correct or close to it.