Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Work, work, work!

My ride on Amber today was good! She was a little quick in some spots, a little "looky", and one shy, but otherwise we got nice work. We did a bit of cantering, and cantered over a ground pole which she JUMPED!

I think I over ride her sometimes though. I had to override Jack and I forget Amber was roughly ridden before and gets very upset if one overrides. She will start to get very quick, and will start to chomp and snatch on the bit. This happened once today, and to get her back I finally talked very soft to her and rubbed her neck and then she got back into a nice working trot again.

Tomorrow I'm going to go about this a different way. I'm going to start her on a very, very loose rein and keep her on it until after she has trotted for 5-10 minutes. At that point, I will start to collect her a little more. She's way too sensitive in the mouth so I want to ease her into contact for now. I'm a little concerned it has something to do with her wolf teeth. Which, really isn't a problem, I can just schedule them to be pulled. I will be asking the vet when spring shots time comes.

Anyway, my plan for tomorrow's ride is simple. Do the above, and work on trot/walk transitions, and canter/trot transitions. Also, consistency in all three gaits. Especially getting into the corners. I also want to try for one flying change. If it doesn't happen, no biggie, but I heard she will do it so I'm just curious.

I think this will be our plan for the next couple of weeks, taking a couple of days to lunge in side reins.

Hopefully she will start to realize that contact doesn't mean I'm going to be rough on her.

Also - full size bridle does NOT fit. Cob size worked perfect. I think some of the fussiness today may have also been due to the fact that the full size had the bit too low in her mouth - even on the last holes.

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  1. Good work. Amber is going to teach you a great deal about how to be tactful and quiet in your riding. She is a great horse for you.

    It is going to take a little while for her to get over her experiences as a school horse--with lots of different people riding her. Fortunately, it doesn't sound as if she will be hard to convince that you are safe for her.

    Enjoy your girl. She seems to be a real sweetie.