Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perfect Flying Lead Change!


Amber mare was glad to see me today. Rain has kept me away, but today the sun came out at mid morning and I was able to ride.

Contact and softness was not the best today, but she was using her hind end more nonethless so I was satisfied with the quality of her work still. We had a lot of nice canter. We had a few nice walk-trot transitions. Trot-canter, not so much.

What I was blown away by was the perfect, absolutely PERFECT flying change of lead she delivered today at the end of her workout. The first one she seemed a little unsure, and it was not smooth. She nearly broke down to trot. This time I was sure she could do it, and I committed myself to the change. I felt her wanting to slow down, so I put on leg and started giving her aids for the new bend. She just switched right over, dead in the center across the ring. I squealed, hugged her, praised her profusely, and let her be done.

I barely had to ask. It was almost like a common sense thing for her. Change direction, change lead, makes perfect sense to her. Which is encouraging. The best dressage horses have a natural "sense" for how they move, how they carry themselves, and I see that in her more and more each ride.

Right now I'm picking up on what she's doing good on each day, and we work on it. We have plenty of time to put it all together.

Have I mentioned I am ready for SPRING! I can't wait to give Amber a good bath and start shedding her out. She will be gorgeous with her summer coat, I think.


  1. Amber has had some hunter training, I think. Flying changes are part of the program. Quite wonderful that she has one already. It makes it so much more fun to ride. She sounds like such a great horse for you! I am so happy to hear the gigantic smile in everything you write about your relationship.

  2. It could be possible that she received some when she was a baby, definitely. I keep intending to try to contact her breeder and dig into her life even further back from when she was a trail horse. I do know the trail people only used her for that purpose though.

  3. Flying changes, good for you!

    I am so ready for spring, too!