Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yum, side of wormer anyone?

Unfortunately for Amber, today was worming day. Actually, it's not unfortunate for her because if she had human intelligence, she'd be glad that she has an owner who cares enough to keep her updated on a worming schedule.

I got out and I was alone at the barn; Andrea was out to lunch. I put my new toys away in my box and couldn't find a screwdriver to hang her stall nameplate, so I hung her salt lick up since it's just a tie-up. My helmet cover was a huge waste of money. That thing 'fits most helmets' would only fit a small child's helmet. It's going right back for the $10 I paid for it!

I went out to catch my girl. My heart was warmed when she recognized me, pricked her ears and started towards me. She has the best disposition. She seems very, very happy to have more pasture space, grass (even though it's minimal in the winter and dead), and dry ground. I think the turnout situation is going to make her 10x happier. And a happier horse = better work under saddle.

I popped her in her stall to see if Andrea would come in time because I wanted to ride.

Unfortunately, she didn't, so I decided to just worm Amber and call it a day. She was very well behaved about it, but the faces she made were clearly "What the HELL, mom?!"

So she got lots of treats to help clear the taste from her mouth, and then I let her back out with her new friends. She already gets along well with them.

Look at those bright, happy eyes!

I'm so excited about her. I just know she's going to be a winner. After investigating her pedigree, she's obviously got some nice lines, and her lovely personality and natural good movement is the icing on the cake.

I've decided this year, since she's still young yet at 7, we will probably hit up some local schooling shows to get her used to the atmosphere. I will be unlikely to go to anything rated, unless I really feel like she's ready. I don't want to rush her, and we have plenty of time. I'm going to make it a point, however, to have some fun and not just school all the time. I think that will be the best thing for her mental and emotional state. I'm a firm believer that horses do need to practice and work hard, but that all goes sour when they don't have the opportunity to just be a horse. Especially when they are "teenagers" and "young adult" horses. ;)

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