Saturday, January 29, 2011

18" By spring? No way.

...because we are way too impatient!

Our flatwork was crap today. It was my fault. I got too intent on getting transitions perfect and stressed her out. Then we rode in the big field and she took off on me! I got her back fine but she was like "BIG SPACE! WEEEEEEE!" And refused to listen to my half halts.

I canter her over a 12" cavaletti. We trotted it a lot.

While we were still in the arena, Erica, the teenager who owns TicTac, was whispering to Andrea. I didn't suspect anything. She set up a crossrail for us to school. She said it was 15", same as we were doing Thursday. That liar. After we were over it, she announced it was 18". Sneaky sneaky!

After a while I got bored with the cavaletti and the 15" jump (and it was a jump, not an x rail!) and I decided to try trotting an 18" jump.

Obviously, we LOVED it. That video is of our first time over it.

To be so new to this, she looked very nice in my opinion. And I think my position and my release improved. It was SO much fun, we did it a few more times!

We are going to practice in open spaces more. Monday I think we are going to do a small course in the small arena. I want to focus on flatwork in the big field and get her listening and realizing just because it's a big open space does not mean "GO". I have a feeling her old owners ran her when they had big spaces, and she feels like that's appropriate when it's not.

She does best when I *don't* try. When I don't focus on getting things correct. So I resolve to just chill and have fun.

I'm so excited. Just bubbling over. Who knew jumping would be so much fun for me? Who knew I'd get over my nervousness just like that?


  1. A good horse can do wonders curing the nervous rider. Amber is a gem. She looks great over the little jump and you don't look so bad yourself. *G*

    So happy to hear you having so much fun with your girl.

  2. She is a really nice little jumper. She hasn't refused anything yet and I don't think she's ever been jumped 18" before. Not a jump at least, maybe an xrail.

    And I'm impressed that I look that good over it and I'm not even trying. I'm just trying to stay out of her way. Not really being a passenger, but being a rider that allows.

  3. Yay!!! So glad you are having fun with your girl.