Monday, February 28, 2011

One thing after another.


I went was windy as all get out. Dust storms. Obviously, I wasn't going to work Amber in that wind and dust, so I took her in and started to clip those highlights. Not warm enough to bathe her, so she will be a dust bunny. Oh well. She was very good about the clippers. She gave them a curious look and then behaved very well. They tickled her nose a little and she had to shake her head a couple of times though.

I rebanded her mane, clipped her bridle path, and decided to just leave the mane as is until the messed up part grows. It is what it is. I knew better than to try to get around pulling.

Now, all my stuff is packed, included my relatively untouched supplements - big sigh there.

Then, Andrea refused to give me back the copies of her coggins AND registration. She apparently has to keep them for 5 years. This is news to me, but I know nothing of boarding barn laws and policies with insurance or whatever. The registration copy was a little weird, I see no reason for her to need THAT. But it's not worth fighting over.

The problem comes in where Andrea claims I never gave her the shots record. I know we had something, because I showed it to her! But I don't have it in my files either. Easy fix right, just call the vet who did her coggins and have her e-mail me a copy. Vet says she has no shot record of Amber. ?????

Yeah. I'm at a loss for what to do. I *know* I had a shot record, and I don't know why he would have had her coggins and shots done by two different vets. I can only assume the guy did them himself - in which case, what can I do? I don't know if Halcyon will take us without proof of her shots, and I cannot afford such a short notice vet call to do her shots. Not with her needing chiro work and shoes that is coming out of my emergency pinch fund already. I could give her a 5 way myself, but I obviously can't do a rabies myself. Obviously I have a few people who can pretty much confirm she's still UTD on shots, but will that be enough?

Up early to try to work this out. Lots of phone calls to make before heading out to meet Bob. And I have to find a copier somewhere to copy her registration papers for proof of ownership and her 2010 coggins.

I'm hoping he will understand when I explain the situation, but sometimes understanding is not enough. But I want her away from Andreas. My only option is to possibly call my friend down the road and see if we can room with her horses for a few days until I can get a vet to get her done. That's my back up plan. I cannot afford to drive all the way to Andreas any longer with gas prices as they are, and I am so stressed out by being there it does no one any good.

I think I know why Andrea gets bossed around by Amber, finally. Amber's bad habit of making nasty faces when you are not fast enough with her hay/food. Andreas response is to stand there, not enter the stall, and just wait for her to prick her ears, and if she does not do it within a few seconds she just puts the hay down somewhere else and walks away. That doesn't do anything for a horse like Amber with naturally dominate tendencies but make them think that they scared you away. They don't associate not getting food with nasty faces, they just think they might not can reach the food, but you did run away.

My response is, go in her stall and make her back off. Kick out at her, stomp wave my arms and make her think I might just kill her (of course, not really) for making threats at me. Don't let her even think about taking a bite before she calms down. Then, I give her the food and leave. Worked like a charm. Sometimes ignore is not the answer.

Everyone, keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow...we'll need it with all these curves thrown at us.

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  1. There isn't a boarding facility around where I am that accepts horses without proof of UTD vaccinations, including West Nile, tetanus, and rabies. Coggins test is also a must. It's for the facility's insurance and protection. Frankly, I wouldn't want it any other way....I wouldn't want my horse exposed to completely preventable viruses. Perhaps they can keep Amber isolated until you can get the vet out there?