Friday, February 4, 2011

Another move in store for us?

Halcyon Stables

So some issues have come up recently that have made me raise my eyebrows.

Firstly, Amber has NOT been happy in the big herd situation. Right now Andrea has a good 14-16 horses crammed into one pasture that is far too small to house that many horses. She's miserable. She's stressed. She doesn't even want to go outside now. She knocked me down the other day trying to get back inside. She does nothing but pin her ears and try to avoid the other horses.

Andrea is trying to get the grass to grow in the other pasture (yes, there is already grass growing!), and I understand that, but it's just not working out for Amber and I wish there were more options there for her turnout. But there's not. And I do not want her in the tiny drylot, or in on the little L-shaped strip around the big pasture because the fence on the outside is rusty, torn wire and it's dangerous.

Next, I notice that Amber really doesn't seem to like Andrea. I keep hearing bad things about Amber from Andrea - things that she never does with me. I just feel they don't get along.

The *big* push to get me to look into other barns was what Andrea told the new rider, Victoria, who was schooling a teenager's horse. The girl's parents said they didn't want the horse jumping 3'. Andrea basically told Victoria to do it anyway and if he got hurt, she'd just tell them he came in with a pasture injury. I was standing right there, so this is not second hand knowledge. Wow. Big no-no. What's to say she wouldn't tell the same lie to *me*?

Not to mention some very rude treatment to this new rider, basically taking advantage of her and getting her to school horses for others with the promise of showing them, then turns around and tells the owners that, and I quote, "some people get the horses in shape, and you get to go to the shows and get all the glory!"

The immature, sneaky and downright deceptive behavior is unacceptable.

Not only that, I'm driving much farther to work than I originally anticipated. It's farther from the barn to work than from my house to work!

So I think it's time to pack our bags. I'm going to go look at this dreamy barn called Halcyon Stables tomorrow, weather permitting.

$300 a month stall, turn in/turnout, small groups in turnout. And you can look at the rest of the luxuries on the website. It's only 15 minutes or so from my house. WIN!

I told them I was seriously looking to move Amber within the next 1-2 months. I've really started to see a different side to Andrea as of late. I've been through this before with a barn owner; and this time I refuse to sit back and worry about my horse's safety and happiness.

Let me know what you think of Halcyon, guys.

Also, I don't know how much jumping we will be doing in the near future. She overjumped around 2'6" over a 15" crossrail. I made a good save, but it scared the crap out of me! I think we need to take it down to some flatwork again for a while.


    I would def go there, I dont your barn or andrea but it sounds miserable!

  2. Yep I think you need to get out. Another thing about that pasture injury comment is the fact that she told the girl to do what she wants even when it was against owners requests. soo...what are they doing with amber behind the scenes? Thats the kidna BS I can't stand. That new barn is beauuuutiful though!

  3. I don't at all like some of the things Andrea has done or said....

    Halcyon looks like a beautiful place. If they have room for you, moving would be a good idea. Amber is more important than anything and I think she'd be happy there.

  4. Yeah. I really didn't expect this from her. And I'm going to try my best not to leave with hard feelings. But recently, all these red flags are popping up and the happiness Amber and I had is starting to fade out and I just feel it's time for us to leave...

  5. Good for you for looking out for Amber. The new barn looks lovely.