Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Agh. Lame mare is lame.

First, the good news. I went to Halcyon and met the trainer and manager - they are WONDERFUL people and so nice. Papers were signed, now we wait until moving day on the first. I got a more detailed tour and it was even more beautiful than the pictures. I got to see the trainer working two horses and she is a great rider and very patient - even with a grumpy pony who wanted to buck. I really think it's going to be a good move this time.

Now, the bad news. Which isn't that bad, but it's still shitty, excuse the french.

Amber was PISSED when I came in. Andrea has been trying to give her some alone time, but she isn't happy alone either. She just likes small groups. That's just it for her. She's also in full out heat, as are all the other mares. She was just in a foul mood. I took her out into the round pen hoping to let her blow off steam before I rode. She was lame in the right hind. We looked at the leg. No heat or swelling. It was her heel that was sore. Andrea said she kicked the crap out of the stall wall this morning, I am hoping she just bruised her heel and it's not an abscess. Only time will tell. Tonight she's staying in the round pen because I feel like she's been stalled long enough, and maybe more space to walk and stretch will help. I fed her, put out her water bucket, and threw her some hay. Tossed a blanket on her that I borrowed from Andrea and then I brushed out her tail and cuddled her. Poor mare. :( She was so sweet after she'd cooled down from being in. I think she knew we were trying to make her feel better.

We need to get a hold of SOME farrier immediately. I want her feet rebalanced pronto. I don't care that she has no toe in the back now to take off, she still needs to be rebalanced and accessed by a good farrier. The front needs toe off definitely. She's two weeks overdue for a trim now.

Also, now that she's lost some fat from her topline and is building correct muscle, she needs a different gullet size in my saddle. For now, assuming she comes back sound (which she should this seems to be nothing more than a stiff, bruised foot), I'm going to use my thick half pad, because I'm not so sure that she'll even need a smaller gullet when she puts on even more muscle up there.

That's the news for today. Tomorrow I'm going with Andrea and Victoria to see Victoria's horse she's getting. She already put $50 down on him. I guess we will see!

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  1. The new barn sounds wonderful!! I wish you all the best there.

    Poor Amber. She sounds so unhappy about her situation. Here's hoping some individual time out will make her a little happier. And here's hoping you get her feet trimmed soon.