Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...but wait, there's more!

It gets even worse.

I went out today. I find Amber tucked neatly away in a corner of the big pasture in a newly fenced off area. Not a water bucket in sight. And Andrea had left the barn to go run errands. WTF! WTF! WTF!

Everyone knows by now that my mare drinks water like a giant sponge. Putting her out without water is just something that is not done.

When she got inside she was well on her way to drinking an entire bucket before I cut her off for a while, lest she make herself sick. I was pissed. I still am pissed.

You do. not. leave. horses. without. water. for. any. amount. of. time. Ten minutes, thirty minutes, maybe. An hour or more, no. They should always have fresh water available. Had I not come and discovered the issue? She may have gone all day without water. I appreciate her effort to confine Amber, but I would rather her just be out with the group and have access to water if you're going to forget to give her a bucket. Jesus.

I rode bareback today. My trot seat was better and Amber was really relaxed and stretchy and in a good mood. Definitely doing my seat and balanced good.

I have a temporary solution for the toes - duck tape. It's not a permanent thing, but it will stop the toe rubbing if changed once or twice a day until I can get the farrier to shoe her. Unfortunately, David is out of town this week.

I heard more about Amber charging out of her stall (she doesn't do it to me), and Victoria agreed with me that it's likely linked to the horses all rushing in at once at feeding time, and then being let out the same way. Being a dominate mare, it's a stressful competition to get to her stall before someone else steals her food. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is ultimately why she is having some sourness issues.

I washed a few things today. Going to wash some of my white items in bleach tomorrow morning. Definitely ready to move. Its like time is just DRAGGING!

As I was riding bareback, I thought about something. If it turns out that this toe issue puts us out of serious work for months, I don't even care. I have time. She is young. I will go out and walk around on her bareback and just have fun. I'm always elated when I am doing serious training and working hard towards something, but just being with my horse makes me happy as anything. I hope we get back on our feet (no pun intended) soon, but if not, I will be content to have patience.

Also, Victoria's TB rescue is there. He's got issue to work through, including a weaving problem, but he will be a lovely specimen when she finishes him. It's too bad he's mainly a resale project for her. She thinks she will get $8,000, but unfortunately, unless she can get him doing higher levels at A shows, I don't think she will make that much...not with this horse economy.


  1. Good thing you got Amber in so she could drink. That was not good horse management to leave her out like that without water. So sorry.

    Good idea about the duct tape. That stuff sure does come in handy.

    I think you are more than set for the move to the new barn. Not too many days left. Hang in there.

  2. I completely agree with you that horses must have water at all time. Dehydration colic/impaction colic is a grim threat to horses.

  3. Yeah. I love the fact that Amber drinks so much. It means, A) she stays hydrated, and B) it lowers her risk of impaction colic.

    I was not happy.