Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm so happy. Oh so happy. Bursting with happiness.

This move is going to benefit us in so many ways. I wish I had known about this barn sooner.

Amber will be:

*In more competent hands
*Have more of a routine
*Smaller turn out groups
*In during the day in the summer, in at night in the winter
*Working in an actual dressage arena

I also don't believe Andrea has been giving her the supplements. I checked the box and there should have been more used over 2 weeks with 6 oz a day. I dated when the tub was opened. *Le sigh*

So far, my checklist is going like this:


-Wash her bell boots.
-Wash her brushes.
-Wash her girth sock.
-Clean anything else that looks dirty in my tack box.
-Clean halter fleece.


-Buy her a fresh salt lick for her stall.
-Clean her loose ring bit and order the eggbutt I want to try.
-Clean HER, bathe if weather permits.
-Clip the "highlights" (muzzle, feathers, legs, bridle path).
-Fix the mane.

It has occurred to me that a lot of the barns in Wayne county have too much drama and chaos. I'm just ready to escape it. Allegedly, Avalon didn't have it but clearly they did. And it's not like I'm trying to start any with my leave - obviously all of my problems were things that I have the right to be concerned about. Yes, I've ranted on my blog, but nobody I know in person reads it, so it's not like it makes a hill of beans. Things I've said in real life were nothing but fact, and I'm just trying to move along quietly without drama. This so-and-so said this and so-and-so said that mess is getting old! All of this getting butt hurt over stupid stuff is getting old as well. I hear Halcyon has already asked someone to leave for starting crap, which I know this person, and it wouldn't be a surprise. So that gives me confidence they really uphold that rule instead of, like many barns, picking favorites and making excuses for all the butt hurt boarders and students whining and bitching about unimportant stuff.

I found a nice used blanket with one well done patch on ebay for $2. Amber's size, so I'm getting it for her. Nice deal as far as I'm concerned.


  1. Unfortunately, most boarding barns are like that, no matter what the state or county they are in.

  2. It seems especially prevalent in that county though. The majority of barns I have been to outside that county have a much more mature atmosphere...

    Halcyon pretty much made it clear that money is less of an issue than keeping a quality atmosphere, and if they need to ask problem boarders to leave, they will do so even if they have to lose that board $. Which I find pretty classy of them.

  3. I am sorry but your situation pisses me off! Andrea sounds like a witch. Sorry for saying that, but seriously she sounds like she knows nothing of horses. Great boarding barn owners work hard to take care of the horses there, and that includes keeping them happy in pasture turnout and whatnot. They need to be in tune to horses. She sounds like a very daft person. I am SO glad you are moving! The new barn seems glorious. Yes all boarding barns have their issues. Get people together bad stuff happens sometimes. Get horse people together, bad things are bound to happen. But some barns are exponentially better than others. Halcyon seems great, esp. if they ask rude people to leave. I agree, that is classy. Also, I love ebay :)

  4. I am sure things will work out well for you. The main thing to do is worry just about your horse and no one else. Stay out of other people's business unless they ask and try to be helpful.

    Every barn I ever boarded at had a certain amount of drama, some more than others. But the last place before I managed to move the horses home was almost perfect. We all got along and it was a really nice experience since the care was excellent. When the horses are happy it makes all the difference in the world.

  5. I hope things work out for you as planned. No one likes being in a barn where they don't feel comfortable.