Friday, February 11, 2011

Wait. Ailing mare has not healed.


She was walking fine. Stepping flat, seemed content and mellow. She was just as sound as she could be at a walk...hopping around at a trot.

Andrea looked at her and figured out she's actually sore on the OTHER foot. Which I had seen and was wondering about, but I didn't think it was the case because she was limping on the other leg? Or so it appeared.

It's the toes. She's in the sensitive tissue. It's pretty bad and I was wondering how she could possibly not be into it yet, and I was right, she IS into it. It's more so on the left, and that's why she's landing funny on the other side. It's hard to explain. But it makes sense to me now.

So I'm just going to wrap it to prevent further damage. She's going on stall rest and turnout during the day in the round pen. I'm hoping time off and a good trim will help. Andrea is putting in an effort to help me get a farrier...I don't know why we can't get a hold of one, but I see no reason for Andrea to lie about trying to call a farrier so I believe she's honestly having a hard time. This is a nasty setback, and could have been prevented if I had been able to get the farrier to access her three weeks ago. Her feet are just so wrong I don't even know where to begin. Even to my unprofessional eye, SO much is wrong. Even if she wasn't in sensitive tissue I would NOT be riding on them as they are, being so unbalanced.

She was sweet today. She enjoyed a good grooming, and then proceeded to roll. Then, she came and stood next to me and went to sleep. Poor mare.

The good news though is that it's not her legs and it's not an abscess. It's a problem that is more easily fixed, and can be prevented from reoccurring one way or the other. I have researched enough since I discovered she has this issue (which was not as apparent when she was ridden in sand arenas) to know I have many options to try to get her lifting her feet without resorting to shoes, and it's a huge possibility a balanced trim will make worlds of difference. So for now...lame mare is lame. But lame mare will not be lame for too much longer I hope.


  1. My Tucker simply cannot go without front shoes. He's fine far, but the front need that extra protection. Hope your girl is OK barefoot, but just be ready in case....

  2. I just detest what shoes do to the feet...obviously sometimes the benefits outweigh the ill effects, in cases where it's needed for protection.

    My thing is, I know why Casey had the shoes pulled before was not for a personal opinion or to save $$, but because Amber was tripping so badly it was becoming dangerous.

    Which is why I'm way more unwilling to go there. I've got some tricks up my sleeve to try though.