Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And still we climb higher.

This is late, because I didn't have time last night, but Amber did AWESOME yesterday. Her trot was much, much improved. Transitions were also better walk-trot, and got some beautiful trot-canter transitions.

She's not looking as irritated in the trot, and she was getting more in contact with me on her own, without looking pissed. I think the exercise combined with the turnout are really helping her. She's really adjustable, which surprises me, because usually our first priority when she's been off is getting her to the point where she's adjustable, but she's easy to rate, and usually it's me who is telling her to be fast via my seat and I have to check myself. She's super adjustable in the canter. We did a lap with slow, easy canter, then went into a few strides of slow gallop on one side, and then back to a slow/medium canter, and it took almost nothing for me to get the transitions. It was lovely.

Victoria rode Tommy for a few minutes. He went on trial today to his potential new owner in a city a little more than an hour away.

It's really wonderful what she's accomplished with him. Especially if you knew him when she first rescued him. He was in rough shape. He's turned into an absolutely beautiful horse, and she has trained him very well. Though definitely still green, from all I have seen her doing with him, he shows a hell of a lot of potential for the future!

By the way, definitely want to encourage her to start a blog if she happens to read this post! ;) If I'm not mistaken, she's about to buy another OTTB (I'm pretty sure he is off track, at least), who will be another project for her. I know Monica at Chasing The Dream would love to read a blog about OTTB rescues and retraining!

I took some pictures of Amber's feet, to be posted tomorrow because I'm too lazy to go get my camera off the kitchen counter. I also have a cute picture of her sporting a forelock mohawk. Her fly spray is oil-based, and it got in her forelock while I was rubbing it on her ears, and I was inclined to give her a new hair-do. She was not as amused as I was though, haha.

I'm so excited to get her in shape though. She can be such a cute mover when she is working well, and despite some minor conformation flaws, I think she's a beautiful mare. When she gets all muscled up? I think she's going to be SUPER hot. :)

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