Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Since there is nothing else new...

I had planned to lunge Amber today, possibly ride if she was looking good, but alas a rather fearsome storm blew in...apparently, hurricane Lee, which, isn't even showing up on my hurricane radar, and the other day it was a tropical storm that was going to miss us. Right. Whatever.

It's been pouring off and on all day. I was like screw it.

It's supposed to be clear tomorrow late morning, so I'm going to do today's plans tomorrow, if the forecast is true.

So...since I can't tell you anything new on Amber, I can tell you about the annual Christmas List. Why, yes, I have already began...

It makes me feel like a spoiled teenager, but my logic is this: Every year, my mother and father have faithfully gone out of their way to give me about a million gifts. At a point, after I got back into riding after I got over my fears, it kind of became like...why don't I pick out some horsey things that I need/want, and probably will need over the next year, and even though it won't have the same "surprise" effect, let that be my gift...because it's very practical and useful. Not that I wouldn't appreciate a surprise gift that I hadn't needed/asked for. But it makes more sense.

And I start making my list months in advance, so that it's absolutely perfect by the time it needs to be ordered. Today, I'm going to go ahead and run my mouth about all this junk I'm drooling over...and much of it, things I actually need.

The "need" list -

1. Breeches. I've lost weight, intend to continue losing weight, and I only have one pair of breeches that actually fit anyway because I apparently perceive myself to be larger than I am anyway. I have two pair that look like sweat pants on me. Will probably still use them for schooling, but it's time to have a new pair of "favorites".

These for schooling, in fawn...because I LOVE fawn/taupe breeches.

On Course Schoolers

And for shows, these in light tan.

Tuff Rider Breeches

2. Clippers! My trimmers are great, but I discovered they don't do bridle paths so well. I do really like them for ears and eyes, because they're tiny and quiet, but her feathers and bridle path will need something a little more heavy duty. I just can't spend a fortune. This seems to fit the package. I mean, I just hate having to beg to borrow everyone else's clippers when I need to do something more than muzzle/eyes/ears.

Andi's Clippers

3. Ten, yes TEN, thinning razors. This things are my best friends. I think I already posted about them before. Amber looks like she has a pulled mane, and it took me all of 10 minutes. I'm getting ten, not because they wear out that fast, but because Casey said she may be appointing me to cheater-pull everyone's manes after she noticed Amber's. Happily...happily...

Razor Thinning Combs

4. Shedding blade. Because I'm so tired of borrowing one every spring...I need to get my own, for real.

Shedding Blade

5. Hair nets for shows, because My hair is pretty wild...although since it's half red, half black right now, I wasn't sure what color to order. I guess I have enough hair I can put the red in one net on the left, and the black in a black net on the right.

Hair Nets

6. EZ Wrap boots. I've heard mixed reviews on this, and after reading a few, I came to the conclusion that these got great reviews mostly from dressage riders and hunter/jumpers. The worst of the reviews came from reiners/cutters, and that's some pretty intense stuff, so I can only but understand that the boots might have not worked so well under such stress. Definitely want these though...been thinking about getting something that offered a little more support than my polos for a while.

Classic Equine EZ Wrap II Boot

7. New helmet. It's going to be time next summer, I may as well get it now. I could have gotten another 1-2 years out of the old purple Troxel, but let us not forget that Jack and I took a spill while I was wearing it: Eating Dirt No cracks, but there could be some small ones that I can't see that are on the inside of the foam.

I think I've kind of outgrown my need to have EVERY piece of equipment/clothing in purple...and let's face it, what could make my head look even more huge than bright purple? (I have a HUGE head, not even counting my hair...23", what is THAT, nature?!)

IRH Helmet

8. Wonder dust for my mini first aid kit. I *completely* forgot about this junk until the other night...Amber's almost out of her wound spray, and I found this while looking for some. Aside from a puff of white on your horse, this stuff is wonderful for nips and cuts. I suspect she will have a few boo-boos being on 24/7 turnout now, and being the opinionated mare she is.

Wonder Dust

And just in case we need a little extra power/something to moisten the area with...

Wound Kote

9. Fly spray. Almost out of Bronco...and about to try a new brand next year. I'm a little concerned, because it sounds like some pretty harsh chemicals...some reviews claimed their horses had reactions, so definitely going to do a test patch before I coat her down, but if she isn't allergic, sounds like good fly protection for her next summer. She will undoubtedly be swarmed upon without any in her field. Don't really relish the fact that I'll be coating her in such intense chemicals, but it seems to only be an issue when the horse is allergic.

Pyranha Fly Spray

And this fly mask, because her old one is a piece of crap...in copper leopard, by the way. Isn't that going to be SEXY on a chestnut?

Farnam SuperMask II Shimmer

The "want" list:

Treats, of course - a good source of motivation, if nothing healthy about them.

Band cutter.

Quic Color Shampoo - I'm sure I'll be pink, but Amber will be gleamingly red.

Crochet ear net in navy - super cute with her little group of navy gear!

A nice, classic mini-quilt pad in white with navy trim.

A blue short-sleeve show shirt.

A gold plated stock pin with a horse shoe. So cute!

More breathable purple pad for summer.

Purple lunge...so I can feed my love of purple while still being sensible. Besides, the chain swinging around the bottom bugs the snot out of her, even though she still works well. To note I only bought it with a chain in the first place because it was $5 CHEAPER. Go figure. It's annoying, anyway, and she doesn't need a chain.

And these adorable socks:

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