Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy busy!

Tomorrow I have sooo much to do. I didn't get my equipment moved today, so I have to go out a couple of hours before Casey comes to pick us up and start emptying my cubby. I'm planning on borrowing the hay cart so I can just load it all on there instead of carrying it out piece by piece, since I don't have my tack box anymore...we are using that for the dogfood now. Since I have the opportunity while I'm cleaning out my cubby anyway, I'm planning on washing my brushes/buckets, and anything else looking less than clean...which actually includes the horse. So she's going to get a bath and chill in her stall, little will she know for the last time she'll have to be stalled for a long time. If I can remember to pick up batteries for the clippers, I'm going to to to trim her a little better than last time. I need to get her coggins and stuff from Lisa or Bob, and possibly my $25 if Bob hasn't done her feet yet...because...well...I paid him two weeks ago and they still haven't been done. Probably won't wash my pads. Too much trouble, and they aren't even dirty really. I'm a little scared to pull her winter blankets out of the top shelf, because there are some monstrous spiders living up there I know...I'm not very fond of spiders... Not looking forward to getting her spare halters out from the bottom box either (which is where I have thrown all the crap I don't use), because it's got a city of spiders in it too... I might also be going with everyone to the Johnston County show on Saturday, just to hang out. Victoria said something about Casey saying I should go to the one next month...I'd have to borrow a horse if I actually ride in the show, because I Amber is jusssst not going to be ready, although she might be good to just go to hang out. I'm pretty excited to see how she reacts to her huge pasture. I'm mostly excited to see the mood change I'm sure she will have when she realizes that she always gets to go back out in the field no matter what (save extremely bad weather that doesn't involve tornadoes and wind). We are supposed to get this hurricane over the weekend...I plan on tagging her leather halter and leaving her out. She stayed in during Irene, although at first I was against it, I changed my mind because it IS a pretty study barn, and all the other horses were going to be in and I wasn't sure I wanted her outside alone in the storm. And fortunately the barn was undamaged except for the ceiling of the upstairs porch. I wouldn't take such a risk again, in hindsight. Brighter days ahead. She's also going to need something more than grass and hay over the winter, and I'm going to look into grain alternatives. Last winter she got that oat/corn/barley mixture at Andreas, and I really liked it. Very simple, foragey type stuff.

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