Monday, September 12, 2011


*LET ME ADD! I finally decided what I'm going to college for. Yay...better late than never right? My parents were starting to think I was going to be bumming around their house forever. I'm about to go for my career diploma as a vet assistant, and also get my associates as a vet tech. After that, I'm not 100% sure. Not sure if I'll go further and specialize in equines, or go forward at a small animal clinic. Either way, I feel better now that I finally decided and stopped bullshitting around.*

First, Amber. I apparently didn't mention in my last post that she developed a MASS of hives/bug bites on her face. Like, both sides COVERED in little itchy bumps. I put some Pro-Tect on it and whatever they were, they are gone. She also managed to lose two fly masks in the field. There goes $30. I'm thinking about getting on the trail wagon and possibly getting a can of gas to replace that I will use searching the field for the lost masks...I had JUST bought her a new one to replace the other one she lost, thinking a more expensive mask might stay on better, but it obviously did not.

I went ahead and got some Pyranha fly spray and she isn't allergic to it, and it seems to work well. The bugs are kind of rough after all the rain we got in the hurricane a couple of weeks ago.

I rode once (due to lack of time) and we mostly walked. She has some funny moments, but was for the most part fine with it. I think she's over her attitude spell, which was really gross overreaction to her pain. My fault for jumping off, treating her like a piece of glass. Like I've said - it's not even me being afraid of any tantrum she'll throw, because you guys know I'll get in her face about things if it's nothing but attitude, but I'm so hesitant to force her to work when I know she's sore. But at the same time, she needs exercise because of her 24/7 turnout. So walking around for 20-30 minutes is necessary. I let her have a loose rein, although I do need to keep some contact in the outside rein because she's quite wiggly now after time off, plus I try to keep a very light, inactive seat on her to bring comfort to her back. We trotted a few strides. She wasn't really happy about it, but she had a better attitude than last time. I can just feel the unevenness and the choppy strides on the hind end.

The chiropractor's office assistant called today, and I told her I'd have Casey call her to schedule since she has the majority of the horses and I have a pretty flexible schedule. All my mornings are free, and it seems to be the plan to make it a whole day with Dr. Ward at the barn.

Something funny though - I was giving princess mare a bath, and I was scraping her off, and something upset her and she set back for a minute. I think I might have accidentally popped her udder with the scraper and startled her, because she quieted down pretty quick when I grabbed her halter and started talking to her, and invisible horse-eating monsters excluded, there was nothing going on around us that would have spooked her. But the funny thing is, she managed to get her lead stuck in the hole on the tying post where the top is bolted to the posts...I can't understand how she managed to slide it like it was, but it took me like, 5 minutes to get it out.

She's super happy though. She's even back to her old habit of mutual grooming. I too get groomed while I groom her. It gets a little awkward when she's snuffling her lip all over my butt when I'm picking out her hooves though...someone was like "Your horse is trying to bite your butt!". No...she's just being herself. What a thoughtful horse to cover me in green grass slobber while I painstakingly scrub the mud off her. Eternally grateful!

Now, some bad news.

Casey got a new TB to the barn...a PRETTY 4 y/o bay mare. She was supposed to go out with Amber's group. Unfortunately, she isn't quite as dominate as Amber and got scared through a fence. Tore up her legs on the right side. :(

Apparently Amber was watched from a distance looking confused. Amber is the type that's not antisocial, but isn't really "into" the herd situation. She'll stick with the herd during the day, and she makes it known that she IS dominate, but she doesn't really go around making her status known unless she's threatened, and she doesn't really get interested in new horses unless they get in her space. I felt a little better knowing my beast wasn't one of the ones who ran this poor mare through the fence.

Casey was at a show, and all her kids got Champion, so at least she had something good that day.

The vet stitched her up and wrapped her legs, and it looks like she will make a full recovery. I doubt she'll be going out back again though. I heard Zeus is moving to West Virginia though...I have a feeling that he's going to need to be put out with a monster of a horse that will kick his butt, otherwise, he might just be in isolated turnout. He is pretty aggressive. And then he turns into annoying little tag-along when he gets his butt kicked by a horse like Amber. He's always near her now and she doesn't want anything to do with him.

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