Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to drag out the sheets and blankets.

I intended to ride. But I ended up cleaning out my tack cubby (because I've been throwing stuff in randomly because I'm always in a rush to get back to work), and getting introduced to some of the horses that are new since I was last at Goldsboro by the barn help.

I went out to get her, and the wind was blowing right in my face...the horses didn't hear the grain I had with me. Fail. Epic fail. So I had to walk all the way to the very back to get her. My whole reason for bringing grain was so call her up to the front, not because she is hard to catch. Now, as I neared them, they noticed I had something, and it was every horse for themselves. Every time I would try to catch Amber, some horse would blindside her.

Okay, I'll play that game, fine. I sent them packing with her halter for enough time for me to get her halter on. I quickly fed her the grain and by then, we were being attacked again. Now I could use the bucket, and a couple of the horses got a good whack. Amber just kind of stood there, looking nervous. But she knows that I'm way scarier than any of her pasture mates. I swear she looks like she's laughing at them when they get smacked with the bucket and go running off. She knows if she just behaves, mom will beat up all the bullies for her.

But it was RAINING. By the time we got back up to the front, where all the other horses had now galloped, assuming they were going to get fed grain, we were soaked.

I decided against riding for two reasons - one it was raining cats and dogs, and two, her back seemed a little more touchy today. It seemed to be more muscle soreness than anything, which is understandable - she worked hard for her fitness level the past 2 days.

I dried her off, did some quick trimming on her mane that's growing out (my thinning razor died), and then I threw on her sheet and braided her tail. I WISH I had a tail bag. Definitely going to invest in one for the winter. Hopefully the braid will keep her tail from getting too messed up with the mud and rain.

She wasn't thrilled about going back out. The one time Amber would prefer to be in is when the weather is wet. She kind of stood at the gate staring at me like "Really? Please take me back in the barn." And then she realized that she wasn't getting wet, and she cantered off and stirred up the herd for a couple of minutes, then settled to graze. Now let's just hope she doesn't tear that cheap blanket to shreds. I don't THINK she's hard on blankets, but other horses I don't trust not to try ripping it.

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