Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gettin' our canter on.

Amber was much the same as yesterday today. Still very lazy, and always hoping I'll let her be done, but hopefully that will change with fitness. At the end of the ride, I let her canter, because she was definitely wanting to the entire ride (but being very good and not trying to break into it as much as I expected, considering the results from previous rest periods). Transitions are kind of ugly, but given her non-existent fitness, I don't mind that - especially considering the canter I got was GORGEOUS. Slow, balanced, stretching down. I rode it in my half-seat to give her back some relief. It was lovely. We went once around, then the other way. The other way wasn't quite as nice, but was still nice. Casey told me we looked good, and that she can tell Amber's movement has improved since we've been gone - I can't wait to see what she has to say about Amber's movement after the chiropractor adjusts her. We're just poking around trying to condition her right now.

I know she can get really fancy when she gets serious. Right now it's a matter of, she's still a little sore (but clearly not as extreme as we thought), but she needs to get in shape badly, plus she's been off 2 months...and she forgot about working and she's kind of not all into it yet.

I'm actually pleasantly surprised that Casey notices a difference in her now compared to when we left. I was thinking we were somewhat the same with a little more learned about contact, but I guess when you see the horse and ride the horse frequently, you don't really see the big picture and the change. Even looking at pictures of her, even out of shape, her muscling has completely changed. She's not exactly homely anymore - remember when I first decided I was going to buy her, I blogged about how she wasn't very pretty, but she seemed to show talent? Honestly, even fat and out of shape, she's turned out to be a really beautiful horse. I'm always having people comment on what a pretty horse she is.

In other news. I found her expensive fly was a miracle I came across it. In that huge field, it just so happened I walked right up on it when I was walking out to catch Amber. What luck. Now I can put it back on so she can hide it better next time...

I just can't stop smiling. I love that horse so much. I am just so thrilled that two weeks ago, I was broken hearted, considering selling her as a broodmare, and now we are w/t/c again. Even if she isn't totally interested in it, she does put in 100% effort for me. She always lets me know when *I* stop paying attention as well, because as soon as I do, she's walking right for the gate, or the nearest person on foot in the arena to see if they have any tidbits for her. In truth, she is in denial right now and thinks she's still a pasture puff, but it's almost like she says "If you aren't going to pay attention to riding well, neither am I." I'm starting to see a lot of what I thought was reaction to pain was her learning how to get one over on me. I'm annoyed that I taught her bad behavior in being too cautious, but I can't really beat myself up, because we are back on track, and I was doing what I thought was best for her at the time.

Hmm...what a good lesson there. If the rider isn't giving 100%, why should the horse?

Looks like we've got a random cool down tomorrow and Saturday. 60s. Then going back to low 80s with a couple of low 90s in the next 2 weeks. October should have chilly enough nights that her sheet can go on. She has a thin winter coat, and I'm hoping if I start blanketing before the serious cold sets in, she won't be too furry...

She's already getting it in, just a few hairs here and there.

I'm going to try to do most of my own blanketing this winter, because I don't want to be a hassle to the new stable help, Lizzy. It's not exactly convenient to be blanketing and unblanketing with her pasturing situation, which I definitely want to keep the same. She loves it out there.

I actually don't mind the long walks to catch her when she's at the back either. It's good exercise, and I've been making an effort to eat better and exercise more as of late, so it's an opportunity for me to do some walking!

It's supposed to rain Saturday, so I'm going to ride tomorrow and let her have a break over the weekend, and ride Monday and Tuesday since it's going to rain Wednesday and Thursday according to the forecast. Sticking to my plan. Light 30 minute work-outs, mostly walk/trot with perhaps a couple of short canters.

Edit to add:

Oh, and by the way. I just found this tonight, bored and lurking on *** facebook. I was stupid to let anyone tell me my Quarter Horse couldn't go anywhere in dressage. I had forgot about this excellent ride we had the day I bought her.


  1. :D Thankya! I thought you might. I think I might make an offer to horsebloggers to do some free headers soon. It doesn't take long.