Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rider fail.

Today would have probably been a lot better, but I was in her face too much and completely useless with my seat and leg. The fact that a lot was lacking was entirely my fault.

Towards the end I got it together and got out of her face a little more. We hopped two small x-rails as a reward for her putting up with me, which were very good. However...the second one, I forgot I had thrown my sunglasses RIGHT where we should land. I saw them just before she took off and I pushed her over with my leg. We jumped a little crooked but the glasses were safe.

Ran late for work, forgot my phone at the barn.

I did notice that her back was A LOT less sensitive to my "hoof pick test" after the ride.

The toes are getting worse, but it's still really only happening in the pasture, so I'm at a loss for what I'm supposed to do about that. I still don't think shoes is necessarily the right answer either.

Still trying to figure out who is going to have the chiro adjust their horses. I can't wait. I think I'm going to use the fork a couple of times after she gets adjusted, if she's still trying to run through my contact. That really helped her, and I think she mostly doesn't remember about the contact deal because we could never train consistently. Right now I'm starting to need some light contact with her because she likes to hang on me and I need a tiny amount of tension there to give her a little bump when she tries it.

Promised pictures.

First, Amber looking not so amused with her hair-do.

Front left:

Front Right:

Left Hind:

Right Hind:

Obviously more wear on the left hind. I'm still betting my money on her spine and pelvis being out of alignment.

However, I'm 100% sure this is happening mostly out in the pasture. When she was getting no turn out hardly, it stopped. When she goes out on turnout, it comes back. No brainer. Clearly, limited turnout is even worse on her though.

I'm still kind of swimming in possibilities on what the issue is with contact and trotting. Then again, it's happened before. I just think I might be a little too "loud" with my hands and she is objecting. Trotting, I'm not sure about. The fact that she goes fine and then looks annoyed for a few seconds doesn't necessarily scream pain. Maybe she takes a funny step that irritates a sore place. It's not there in the canter, and I still think that would be worse on her than trotting. She also goes better after we jump a crossrail, which also makes NO sense. You would think that jumping would be a serious no-no, but I can't ignore the fact that she relaxes so much more after we go over one. Maybe I'll add some trot poles tomorrow. Definitely going to do a crossrail or two after she's warmed up.

Nothing makes sense. I'm starting to think it's mostly her having gotten lazy and out of shape.

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